highly effective hair loss treatment plan for men

A Highly Effective Hair Loss Treatment Plan for Men

If you are experiencing early stages of male pattern baldness, then fear not, because it can be treated. Hair loss can be minimised, and healthy hair growth can be maintained, by using a specific hair loss treatment plan. 

This hair loss treatment plan will not cure baldness, but it is effective for men who are going through the initial stages of hair loss. 

The treatments used in this plan are:

Minoxidil Topical Solution 5%
Nizoral Shampoo
Derma Roller
HR23+ Supplement

Minoxidil Topical Foam 5% Solution

Minoxidil is a topical solution for hair loss. It is particularly effective for reducing thinning hair on the crown region of the scalp, but it can also be effective when used in conjunction with a micro needling device. 

minoxidil hair loss treatment for men

Minoxidil is available to purchase online, or from local pharmacies. Here's an example of some minoxidil brands https://www.minoxidil-direct.com/. If money is an issue, then go for the cheapest brand. All minoxidil is the same. 

Go for the foam rather than the liquid, as it dries instantly, and doesn't make the hair greasy. Start off with applying once a day, maybe before you go to bed. Initial shedding may occur, but this is normal, as the hairs are entering a new growth cycle.

Ketoconazole shampoo (Nizoral) 2%

Ketoconazole is primarily used for treating dandruff, but is has been found to help reduce hair loss and encourage hair growth, particularly when used alongside minoxidil.

Ketoconazole shampoo for men Nizoral

Nizoral shampoo is very cheap to buy, and is also available online - Amazon is a good place to find it. Remember, ketoconazole is a potent solution that can come with minor side-effects, so just use the Nizoral shampoo once a week, that's it.

Micro needling (derma roller)

Micro needling with a derma roller or derma stamp is an effective way to stmulate hair growth. Micro needling wounds the skin, and as the wounds repair, it produces protein and collagen, which in turn, helps stimulates hair growth. Derma rolling is particularly effective for fixing a receding hairline. 

micro needling derma roller for hair growth men

Buy a cheap derma roller (1.5mm) and roll along the hairline once a week. Do not use minoxidil on the same day as you derma roll. 

HR23+ Hair Restoration Supplement

HR23+ is the leading hair supplement on the market for men and women. This non-medical formula is designed to help reduce hair loss, and support the function of healthy hair growth. 9 out of 10 HR23+ users noticed visible improvements in their hair. 

HR23+ hair growth treatment for men
Take 4 capsules a day, two in the morning and two at night, seven days a week. Easy.

When to use each treatment:

Monday - Minoxidil, Supplement.
Tuesday - Minoxidil, Supplement.
Wednesday - Minoxidil, Supplement
Thursday - Minoxidil, Supplement
Friday - Minoxidil, Supplement
Saturday - Minoxidil, Supplement
Sunday - Derma Roller, Nizoral Shampoo, Supplement

Be patient, and allow 3-9 months to start seeing improvements in the hair.

HR23+ hair growth treatment for men Supplement