Adegen hair loss products review SCAM

Adegen is a company making brave claims about hair loss, but how accurate are they?

The hair loss treatment sector is worth billions of pounds each year, and one that contains thousands upon thousands of hair loss "treatments", many of which make all sorts of far fetched claims. 

The sad truth is, most of the hair loss treatments and products on the market do not work, or certainly not the the effect that they claim.  Effective treatments for hair loss are few and far between, but, as science has evolved, we are now at a point whereby hair loss prevention is a viable thing. 

There is no known cure for hair loss, and despite what many companies will tell you, that really is the harsh reality of the situation. Adegen is one of those companies that makes all kinds of far fetched claims, many of which simply aren't true. 

So, in this article, we take closer look at Adegen, and establish whether it's a genuine hair loss preventer, or just another snake oil. One thing's for sure, Adegen is not a cure for hair loss, and nor should it ever claim to be. 

What is Adegen?

Founded by John Goss, Adegen is a range of hair products that claims to reverse the effects of baldness and thinning hair in men and women. The range of products includes a shampoo, a topical solution, a brush, and a micro needling derma roller. 

Before we delve into the products, let's get to know a little more about the founder of Adegen, John Goss.

John Goss has put his name and face to the brand, so you can read his 'story' on the Adegen website. Much like his eBook, John Goss gives us a very long-winded story about his personal experience with hair loss. You know how it goes - the struggle with hair loss, the depression etc. - all very generic, and something we've all read a million times before.

It's no surprise that many people fall for this, because it is a story that so many men and women can relate to, on so many levels. The problem is, John Goss uses this as a selling technique, pulling on people's insecurities to make money. 

The marketing ploy continues, as John Goss talks about his determination to come up with a cure for hair loss. So, we're guided through his process of developing these treatments for hair loss, after years of research and financial spend, out of his own pocket. Yes, this does sound like your typical salesman's pitch, doesn't it? 

John Goss Adegen

John Goss's eBook, Hair Loss Secrets, appears to be just another very long-winded pitch, eventually leading to the promotion of the Adegen range, which he claims can solve all your hair loss worries in a matter of months. 

John Goss also runs a Facebook group, with the Adegen brand at the centre of it. It's basically just a platform used to promote Adegen products. I am currently a member of that group, or rather a silent member, as I do not post in there. I simply observe. 

All posts need to be approved by John Goss before they are published, and there appears to be a large number of fake accounts in the group, with fake reviews and testimonials. Some of them are so fake it's glaringly obvious, and quite embarrassing, really. 

If you dare to post something in the group that John Goss doesn't like, it's likely that you will be removed from the group, and then blocked. This has happened to many people. It seems John Goss is particularity intent on keeping the scam-busters away.

It is evident that much of what Adegen does is fabricated, and manipulated, in order to sell the products. It doesn't appear to be a very honest brand, and John Goss doesn't appear to be a very genuine person. 

It should also be pointed out that John Goss has indeed had a hair transplant, yes that's right, you read that correctly, the founder of a hair loss treatment brand, who claims his products can reverse hair loss, has had a hair transplantation procedure! Surely his revolutionary products could have saved him the money on a transplant, right? 

regaine minoxidil

So, now we know a little about John Goss, lets look into his Adegen products... 

There's a shampoo in the Adegen range, and what's more, it claims to be "the world's best shampoo" for protecting against hair loss. According to John Goss, he himself spent over $50,000 of his own money testing and analysing different shampoos in laboratories under mass spectrometry to determine their level of active ingredients.

There are no non-medical shampoos on the market that have been proven to reverse hair loss. Upon inspecting the ingredients, there is nothing in this shampoo to suggest that it can treat hair loss in any way, shape, or form. It simply can't, and it doesn't. 

Next up we have the topical solution, which again, the brand makes far-fetched claims about. This solution is basically just Minoxidil (5%), with the addition of Biotin, Niacin and Caffeine. Honestly, there is nothing different about this product than many that you can find on the market. In all likeliness, this topical solution is just a private label product, branded as Adegen.   

Minoxidil is the only medically approved topical treatment for hair loss in men (5%) and women (2%). There are many brands of Minoxidil, and the most commonly known one is Regaine (Rogaine in the US).

Minoxidil costs in the region of £12-£20 per month, depending on what brand you go for. Adegen's minoxidil solution comes with a price tag of $69.95, which is absolutely ridiculous!

No word of a lie, you can purchase the near exact same product under a cheaper brand for a fraction of this price. Kirkland, for example, offers Minoxidil in both liquid and foam form, at less than one third of the price of Adegen.

If you want to try minoxidil for your hair loss, then you should go for a cheaper brand, because this Adegen product will not be any more effective for your hair. Be warned, though, because although Minoxidil is FDA approved, it is NOT a cure for hair loss. Results tend to be very minimal with Minoxidil, and negative side effects are a common occurrence.

A pharmaceutical licence is needed in order to sell minoxidil, so you would assume that John Goss has attained one, somehow... 

Then, we have the shower brush. Yes, that's right, a shower brush! John Goss claims that this shower brush just so happens to be more effective than any other shower brush because of its formation and design. 

It has indeed been scientifically proven that regular massaging of the scalp can stimulate hair growth, but it is very unlikely that, based on John Goss's theory, this brush is any more effective for stimulating hair growth than any other brush on the market. 

At 20 dollars for this small piece of plastic, John Goss must be laughing all the way to the bank!

And finally, we have the derma roller, which doesn't offer anything new in the way of treating hair loss. Micro needling has been a common practice for treating hair loss for many years now, and to be fair, some people have experienced relatively good improvements in their hair, particularly when micro needling in conjunction with using minoxidil. 

saw palmetto for hair growth

Adegen claims that the needle depth and configuration of their derma roller is unique, and that it is more effective than any other on the market. The truth is, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that this derma roller will offer you better results than any other derma roller on the market, and just to put things into perspective, you can purchase a good derma roller for under $10.00 on places like Amazon.

Adegen are charging $69.95 for theirs. There is no way John Goss can justify charging that kind of money for a derma roller. This is an extortionate price. 


Fronted by John Goss, Adegen is a brand that is extortionately overpriced, and unlikely to be effective for treating hair loss in men and women.  Its claims are laughable, and when you break each product down, you will find nothing to suggest that this brand is revolutionary. Every aspect of these products have already been done. 

"Aside from the fact John Goss himself has had a hair transplant (I know, you couldn't make it up), he's also claimed to have invested over one million of his own dollars into the brand, and says he "can't keep up with the demand". How much of that stat is true, we don't know, but the bragging gesture says a lot about this man as a person. The disingenuous salesmen are always the ones who like to brag..." - John Griffiths. 

In short, do not waste your hard earned money on Adegen. You can purchase the same types of products elsewhere, for a fraction of their prices. John Goss, like everyone in this world, is trying to make a living, but that doesn't excuse the way he's going about it. 

By T. Milner. 
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