The beard growing craze seems to be gathering momentum in the world of men's grooming, and it's not set to end any time soon. It seems every guy wants a beard, and for those who are not genetically able to grow one, they seem to be seeking solutions for their dilemma...

YouTube seems to be the place to be if you are a guy searching for ways to grow a beard. Hundreds of men are documenting and uploading their experiences with products and routines that they claim have helped them generate new facial hair growth. But how much of this is actually genuine, and how much of it is complete nonsense?
One of the most famous vloggers who is scattered across YouTube on the topic of beard growth, is a young gentleman calling himself Spanish Beard. In fact, this chap labels himself as a 'beard coach', giving tips and advice to hundreds of men who are trying to grow facial hair. Now, it should be noted that, for men, being unable to grow a full, masculine beard can be just as soul-destroying as going bald.

Yes, it really can be that bad. So, as you can probably imagine, acting as a 'beard coach' can potentially be very lucrative - especially if you have a product to sell. And guess what? The Spanish Beard dude does indeed sell a product that goes by the name of Beard Powder

What is Beard Powder? 

Beard Powder, by Spanish Beard, is a silica supplement in the form of 100% organic diatomaceous earth. The silica is mined on the west coast of the United States. To use this product, you simply mix it in with water and take orally. The claim from Spanish Beard is that Beard Powder can revitalise your beard and stimulate healthier facial hair growth. The silica in Beard Powder is supposed to develop vellus (light and thin) beard hairs, boost beard roots and strengthen your beard.

Does Beard Powder work? 

Now, this is where it gets interesting. As far as growing a full beard in men who cannot grow any or very little facial hair, this product will not work. There is no product on the market that can achieve that, and if there was, we would all certainly know about it. 

Hair transplant procedures are not growing in popularity for no reason - men spend up to £10,000 on some transplants in order to get the beard they want, for the simple fact that a genuine beard growth formula does not exist. 

Now, it should be noted that Beard Powder does not promise new beard growth in men, but it does brand itself as a beard maintenance product that helps fuel already existing facial hair. There is a big difference between the two, but it doesn't appear that clear when you watch Spanish Beard's videos on YouTube. 

This guy has this clever habit of leading you to believe his product can actually help you grow new facial hair, but without actually making the claim outright. Sporting a rather long and full beard of his own, Spanish Beard tends to market his product on his own pulling points - 'if it works for me, then it must work for you' - and we get the sense many insecure men are convincing themselves that this product really can help them grow a big bushy beard for the first time. It's classic reverse-psychology.

What is a beard coach? 

Now, as our avid readers will know too well, The Male Grooming Review does not in any way, shape or form like to degrade, slander or label brands and companies as scammers. We pride ourselves in writing fair reviews to help inform and educate our readers in an honest manner. All information in this article is of our opinion, therefore we always encourage you to form your own conclusions. In the opinion of our team, here at The Male Grooming Review, a 'Beard Coach' is nothing more than a salesman. 

Tips and advice on shaping, growing and grooming a beard is absolutely fine, and something which many barbers and style professionals do on a daily basis. But, 'coaching' young, vulnerable men into 'believing' they can actually grow a beard from scratch is most definitely another thing. Spanish Beard talks about other products such as minoxidil and biotin that can help with facial hair growth, but he is only doing this to give the impression he is not biased. It's the Beard Powder he is trying to shift, and it's the Beard Powder that makes him the money.

Should you try Beard Powder? 

Now, we're not denying this stuff can act as a beard maintenance product for men who already have facial hair. The additives suggest it can aid with facial hair health. But be warned, if you are expecting this powder to grow facial hair or fill in patchy gaps, you'll come away disappointed and a lot poorer. At $25 a tub, you'd better make sure you really want more out of your existing beard.