Henry Cavill receding hairline

The Receding Hairline of Henry Cavill

Going bald can be a pretty demoralising thing to go through in life, and it can get a lot of guys depressed. That's why, in some strange way, it can be quite comforting see some of Hollywood's best looking stars going through the same experience as us mortals. 

Hair loss doesn't discriminate against anyone, and not even the Man of Steel, himself, Henry Cavill, is immune to the devastating effects of losing his hair. 

The Superman actor, soon to be 40, well known for his dashing good looks, chiselled jawline, and muscly physique, appears to have suffered from hair loss since his 20s. At present, Cavill has defuse thinning, and aggressive recession at the fontal hairline. 

Is Henry Cavill Going Bald?

Henry Cavill is showing clear signs of androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness), which is the most common hair loss type in men. Two in three men experience male pattern baldness by the time they reach their 40s. 

Cavill measures at around Norwood Hamilton 2-3, which means he is advancing from mid stages to more advanced stages of hair loss. Once the Norwood 4 mark is hit, it is very difficult to stop or reverse hair loss without surgical intervention, and even that doesn't offer any guarantees. 

Does Henry Cavill use Hair Loss Treatments? 

It's difficult to determine whether Cavill uses treatments or not, because his hairline has receded quite naturally over the years, at a relatively normal pace. Also, he doesn't try to hide his hair loss, which shows that he is confident in his appearance, and in his hair. 

If Cavill does use hair loss treatments, then he could likely have opted for a number of options. If he went down the medical route, then there's a chance he could be using finasteride (a medically approved hair loss treatment pill) and/or minoxidil (a medically approved topical hair loss treatment).  

These treatments do not offer any guarantees, but they have been shown to slow down the effects of hair loss, which would explain why Cavill's thinning has been quite a slow progression in comparison to most male pattern baldness patients. 

Medical treatments like finasteride and minoxidil come with the risk of negative side-effects, and with Henry being such a gym buff, it is quite likely that, like many men, he would want to avoid using those types of treatments. 

So, as a safe alternative, he could well have opted for a potent multi-vitamin extract supplement like HR23+® or PharmaH41. These types of supplements do not work miracles, but they have been shown to help slow down (and even stop), hair loss in men (and women) suffering from androgenic alopecia. 

There are also safe, non-medical alternatives to minoxidil, such as Keratinocyte Growth Factor (KGF), which usually comes as a topical serum form. KGF has shown to be an effective treatment for hair loss sufferers. 

Will Henry Cavill Go Bald?

A receding hairline with thinning at the crown is one thing, but going completely bald is another matter, completely. Many men experience a receding hairline, but not all of these men end up losing all of their hair.

A common pattern in men is a slow progression of recession at the hairline, with gradual thinning at the crown region. Many men can experience this type of hair loss, but still end up with plenty of hair in their later years. 

The pattern of hair loss is generally the same, but the pace and aggressiveness of it does tend to differ from person to person. 

As Cavill enters his 40s, without treatment, he will likely experience more receding and thinning. However, it's unlikely that he will lose all his hair in the coming decade.  

With treatment, there's no reason why he cannot hold onto his hair for the next 20 years. Remember, there isn't a cure for baldness, but some treatments can help with hair loss prevention, which is the next best thing. 

If you tackle hair loss early enough, there is every chance that you will have a fuller head of hair for a much longer period in your life. 


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