Men's grooming guide for summer season

It's our favourite time of the year again, the sun is out, the days are longer, and the grooming routine goes up a notch into new and exciting avenues. Yes, you've guessed it, it's summer season!!

When it comes to your grooming routine in the summer months, it's important to make some slight tweaks, in order to get the very best out of your skin, body and hair. 

Summer season presents new challenges, and potential hazards, therefore it is crucial that you get your summer grooming routine eight, in order for your body and health to thrive.   

So, here are six men's grooming products that you should try to implement into your daily routine, for absolutely optimal results for your skin, body and hair. 

best men's grooming products 2022

A.  Face - Regena-C Moisturiser M4

Your facial skin is prone to more damage during the summer months. The sun's damaging UV light can leave the skin dry, and prone to ageing. So, if you want to keep your youthful looks, and your facial skin in tip top condition, then be sure to get yourself a good face cream. 

Regenerating Moisturiser M4 with retinol ester absorbs quickly to leave skin feeling soft and hydrated. Stabilised vitamin C, vitamin E, retinyl palmitate and hyaluronic acid stimulate cell turnover while protecting skin's moisture balance and shielding against future environmental damage.

Shea butter emolliates and provides a quercetin boost, and argan oil contains omega acids to nourish dry skin, which is a common occurrence in the hotter period of the year. As this product may cause increased sensitivity to sun, we recommend using sun protection.

B.  Body - Horace Nourishing Body Lotion 

Body care should be high on your list of summer grooming priorities. We tend to sweat more in the summer, and the skin is also exposed more often to the sun during this time of the year, so body moisturising and conditioning is absolutely essential.

With a fluid texture and a minty scent, Horace Nourishing Body Lotion ensures perfectly hydrated, soft skin without sticking!  You can put your clothes on directly after application.

C.  Hair - Land & Water Shampoo

Your hair takes a battering during the summer months, mainly due to its expose to the harmful UV sunlight. This can leave your hair feeling and looking dry, dull, and thin. Excess sweating also plays a big part in this. 

Land & Water Shampoo is a strengthening spike moss extract infused with invigorating mint and a citrus clean scent. This shampoo protects and conditions the hair with its mind-clearing blend of energising mint and orange scent, immune-boosting lavender and stimulating clove oil.

Naturally hydrating spike moss strengthens hair, with a hint of cedarwood and frankincense for balance and calm.

D.  Hands - Bull Dog Hand Cream

Dry, and even sweaty hands, are common occurrences in summer season. This can be combated quite easily by using a good hand cream. 

Because who likes shaking a dry paw? Bull Dog Hand Cream for dry skin contains aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea. It absorbs easily into the skin to help relieve dry skin, leaving the hands feeling nourished, smooth and instantly softer. Specially formulated to deliver 24h moisturisation, without being greasy or sticky.

E.   Cologne - Versace The Dreamer For Him Eau de Toilette

Smelling good is absolutely essential for summer season, so, here's a little tip... The Dreamer, by Versace, is for a man who knows no limits, who experiences his strength naturally, and his elegance spontaneously. A transparent perfume, warm and fresh at the same time, all around, drawing out natural, intangible, sensual and comforting feelings. 

F.  Hair Loss Prevention - HR23+® Hair Restoration Supplement

Excessive hair loss is a common occurrence for many men (and women) during the summer season. Seasonal hair loss is the culprit, and although seasonal hair shedding tends to occur more prominently during spring season, it can still happen during the hottest time of the year, too. 

Counter hair loss with the leading hair growth supplement, HR23+®, designed to prevent excessive hair shedding, and support the function of healthy hair growth in men and women suffering from early stages of baldness and thinning hair.
Seasonal summer hair shedding prevention