HR23+ hair growth formula 2022

Leading hair loss treatment, HR23+®, develop and improve their award winning hair supplement, for even better results.

With the release of their new scalp therapy cream last month, leading hair health brand, HR23+®, have been busy again, and this time they have made some slight altercations to their popular hair supplement. 

This is the second time the company have tweaked the formula of their supplement, four years on from the first time. In 2018, the supplement had a complete overhaul of ingredients, with purer versions of each extract replacing what was already there. 

What are the tweaks to this formula?

On this occasion, the tweaks are minor, with the addition of pumpkin seed extract, and iron. In a study, pumpkin seed extract showed that 1 in 3 patients experienced more hair growth than those who received a placebo. Pumpkin seed extract, taken in conjunction with various additives in the HR23+® supplement, can help support the function of healthy hair growth.

Why tweak a formula that is already successful? 

It will probably baffle some people as to why the company are making slight tweaks to a supplement that has already established itself as a market leader, so, if it's not broken, why fix it, right? 

A spokesman from the company said, "Due to the nature of the product, and the constant evolving of science, to stay at the very top, it is absolutely essential that we continue to develop and improve our products where possible. HR23+® has shown to be effective in 9 out of 10 users who are experiencing hair loss, but we are always looking to improve our formula, if we can, without compromising on its effectiveness."  
HR23+ tweaked formula 2022
These sorts of tweaks and developments show that HR23+® isn't about sitting on their laurels. This is a company that strives to always develop, improve, and give their customers the best possible treatment for hair loss, and best value for money. 

Is the new formula actually more effective? 

With its release this week, it is impossible know how much more effective the new formula is. In about six months from now, we will get a better idea of its effectiveness, once the users give their feedback. 

Going by previous developments in 2018, which saw an increase of effectiveness (according to user feedback), the odds are that this new 2022 formula will again give improved performance. 

What is HR23+®?

If you are not familiar with HR23+®, then here's a quick overview of the product. HR23+® is a leading multivitamin hair supplement that is designed to help prevent excessive hair loss and promote the function of healthy hair growth in men and women who suffer from early stages of common hair loss types, such as androgenic alopecia. 

HR23+® is not a cure for hair loss, but it is a safe and naturally developed formula that acts as a safe alternative to harsh medical treatments. Since its launch in 2015, HR23+® has gone on to become the leading hair growth supplement, and natural hair loss solution for men and women.

HR23+® also has a scalp therapy serum, a scalp therapy cream, and an upcoming anti hair loss shampoo

HR23+ hair growth supplement