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HR23+® Presents a NEW Safe and Potent Scalp Therapy Cream

HR23+® have developed yet another intriguing product that is designed to help combat hair loss. With their anti hair loss shampoo still in its development stage, HR23+® have surprised us all with the sudden announcement of their upcoming scalp therapy hair growth cream.

The product developers over at HR23+®, seem only capable of producing great hair products, and so we should expect nothing less from this latest addition to their armoury of hair loss treatments.

We caught up with company representative, Omar Gani, who said about the cream "We're so excited to be bringing out a scalp therapy hair growth cream. It's been in the works for a while, but now, after much testing and development, our new product is set for its release, and we're confident that it won't disappoint."

If you're familiar with HR23+®, then you will know about their best selling hair restoration supplement, as well as their scalp therapy serum, containing keratinocyte growth factor. Both products are market leaders in the non-medical hair loss treatment sector.

HR23+® takes pride in offering men and women safe and effective solutions for hair loss, without ever having to compromise on their health and wellbeing. 
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So, what exactly is the cream?

HR23+® Scalp Therapy Cream contains a potent blend of hair boosting B vitamins, caffeine, saw palmetto and nettle leaf, along with a host of other hair beneficiary ingredients, that work together to help boost protein to the scalp, stimulate the activity of hair follicles, and promote normal hair growth.

This potent cream is designed to nourish the scalp, activate weakened hair follicle activity, and reduce hair loss caused by damaged, dry skin. Rather than actually treating hair loss, it serves as a product that helps repair damaged and/or inflamed areas in and around the scalp, in order to support the function of hair growth.

The contribution of saw palmetto can stump hair fall by inhibiting 5a-reductase enzyme activity. This product is consistent with HR23+®'s hair restoration supplement and scalp therapy serum.

It should be noted that this cream is not a hair styling product, and should not be directly applied to the strands. This cream is for skin application, in and around the weak, damaged, and thinner areas of the scalp. This cream can be used effectively with HR23+® Scalp Therapy Serum, and regular micro needling (derma rolling).

What to expect from using HR23+® Scalp Therapy Cream:

  • Repair of skin cells
  • Reduction of inflammation around hair follicles
  • Healthier, more moisturised skin
  • Promotion of normal hair growth
  • Hair regrowth (in some cases)
HR23+® Scalp Therapy Cream is currently set for release in April 2022, Sign up for updates about this product, and be the first to know when it is available to order.

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