pure shave london brand review

Discover a range of innovative, eco-friendly shaving products.

Founder of Pure Shave, James Kenning, spent years trying to solve a personal problem. When he started shaving he quickly learnt that he suffered from razor burn and razor rash. James tried every new product that came along, hoping he would finally be able to shave pain free. But unfortunately, every product, without fail, let him down.

Through frustration, James decided to find a solution for himself. He got to work mixing up different formulas in his kitchen at home. Every single element of Pure Shave was specifically selected for its own individual skin kind properties. James focused on minimal ingredients but with maximum skin calming effects.

As a result, Pure Shave is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, high in vitamin E a potent antioxidant and a powerful emollient to help soothe irritated skin. This shave cream has been refined with a focus on simplicity, giving you the smoothest, most comfortable wet shave.

After many attempts, James had a formula that far exceeded his own expectations, especially when shaving against the direction of growth. His home made formula was then given to a professional cosmetic formulation company that tweaked, streamlined and safety tested it.

Pure Shave was then tested by other razor burn and razor rash sufferers. After a two-week testing period, 86% of participants stated that it was far better than anything they have used before.

Pure Shave Cream is now available on the market, along with some other additions to the line, that include a shave moisturiser, an eau de toilette, and some classic DE razors and shaving accessories. 

If you are particularly prone to sensitive skin after shaving, then Pure Shave is definitely a brand to try. This brand works at the root cause of skin irritation, caused by shaving. And although it's a great line of products for sensitive skin, Pure Shave can also be used for regular skin types, too. 

To learn more about Pure Shave, and to purchase these innovative products, head over to their official website https://pureshave.co.uk/ 

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