Limural Hair Clippers Review

Discover the complete kit of accessories for optimal grooming

For the ultimate hair and beard grooming experience, check out the Limural Hair Clippers, packed with essential accessories, and designed for an easy, precise, and optimal grooming experience. 

This slick looking kit includes a hairdressing cloth, lubricating oil and cleaning brush, along with guards attachments, measuring 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 13mm, 16mm and 19mm, to trim different lengths of the hair and/r beard.

This smart piece of kit has a useful thumb taper lever on the left side, enabling easy adjusting for the best cutting accuracy. Limural can be used by professional barbers, or by the everyday person. This versatile product is easy to use for a precise cut, trim and shave.

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These innovative hair clippers has a powerful motor and sharp stainless steel blades, making it easier to cut through the thickest hair with no snagging or pulling, which gives the most comfortable experience. 

What's more, this snazzy piece of kit can be corded or cordless, which is a massive plus point. One full charge gives you up to five hours run time, which is absolutely more than enough time to get that barent and beard trimmed, shaped, and in tip top shape. 

This easy to use clipper has an LED display which reminds you of its battery life and when it needs a good oiling. This device is also quiet, and it is designed for pure safety, which also makes it suitable for children.

hair clippers for hair and beard

Save your time or money, professional hair clippers provide an easy way to cut your hair, which is also the first choices of upcoming and beginner barbers or stylist. Wireless Clippers are also a good gift for family.

This package Includes:

1×Limural Hair Clipper
1×Blade cleansing brush
1×Lubricate oil
1×barber cape 
1×USB charging cable (Adapter NOT Included)
1×Multilingual user manual (EN/ES/DE/FR/IT) & guidance book
1×Comb 6×Comb Attachments (3mm/6mm/10mm/13mm/16mm/19mm) 

Important notes for this device: 

1. Adjust the length to 2.0mm before installing the blade.
2. Before changing the guide comb, press the on/off button to remove the previous battery memory.
3. This stainless steel blade is washable. Do not wash the hair clipper body in water 

This device comes with a 12-month warranty for quality-related issues. Any problems will be solved by Limural professional customer service team in 24 hours.

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