We often talk about men's seasonal skin care routines on The Male Grooming Review, but it's not often we go into detail about the importance of a men's hair care routine. Like with your skin, your hair also needs a well-groomed routine to get the very best out of its health and appearance. 

So, as requested by our readers, here are some handy hair care tips that'll help you get the very best out of your hair throughout the whole year... 

Wash your hair every other day
Yep, that's right, you heard it here first - by washing your hair every other day, you are relieving your locks from the constant stress that shampooing and conditioning can have on your hair on a daily basis. Over-washing your hair can lead to it looking thin. 

Don't overuse hairstyling products
It's a common mistake many men make, and it's one that you should seriously avoid if you really want to get the very best out of your hair. Overloading your hair with product is not a great practice, as gunky hairstyling products can leave your hair looking greasy, flat and dirty. Opt for more natural hairstyling products and use as little as possible. Trust us, a little should go a long way with any hairstyling wax, clay, gel or spray. 

Always blowdry your barnet
Ok, let's get one thing straight - blowdrying your hair does not lead to premature hair loss. So, if you want to add some extra thickness to your hair, then partially dry your hair with a towel straight after your shower, then add a tiny amount soft matte textured clay to your hair, rubbing in evenly. Blowdry your damp hair whilst running your hands through your locks to add texture and depth to your fuzz. Once your hair is fully dry, you can then style your thick locks pretty much the way you like. 

Worried about hair loss?
With over 7 million men set to suffer from hair loss by the time they reach 40 in the UK alone, we understand not all men are blessed with a full head of hair. But fear not, because despite what some doctors and balding experts may tell you, hair loss can be slowed down and prevented without the need to fork out on expensive surgical procedures. 

The hair loss market is thriving more than ever, but not all balding treatments do as they claim on the bottle. Choose a natural supplement or topical formula that contains key hair beneficiary ingredients such as saw palmetto, biotin and green tea extract. Additives like these can help strengthen your hair and block the dreaded formation of DHT (the cause of male pattern baldness). Remember, the earlier you act, the better chance you'll have of retaining a thicker head of hair in the long run. 

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