Vast amounts of men wear hats. Baseball caps, top hats and beanies are just a few of the common head wearing trends that dominate much of the fashion and sport industry, and the hat wearing trend isn't about to stop anytime soon. But can wearing a hat cause hair loss

The simple answer to this question is no. Wearing a hat of any kind does not cause men or women to go bald. Hair loss is caused by a number of different factors, the most common of which is male pattern baldness. Although, wearing a hat regularly can lead to hair damage, especially if worn quite tightly, any form of head gear will not lead to receding hairline or thinning scalp. 

So, fear not, gents, wearing your stylish hat will not cause baldness. In fact, wearing hats does have its benefits for your hair - especially in the summer time. Harmful rays from the sun can lead to hair follicle damage, therefore wearing a hat can block these rays, leaving your hair fully protected. 

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