So, what makes a man more groomed than the average Joe? Is an impeccably groomed man cleaner than his counterparts? Is he better looking? Or is he just a lot more insecure, perhaps? 

With men participating in grooming routines more than ever before, here are five key grooming habits of what makes a man the most impeccable of groomers...

He keeps his nails trimmed and clean

We can't quite emphasise how important it is to have decent looking nails. So many men seem to neglect the importance of keeping their nails trimmed and free from grub - and they wonder why they're still single. An impeccably groomed gentleman will always keep his hands and nails in good shape.

He wears his suit rather fine
Ok, so we can all wear a suit, and many of us have to wear a suit on a daily basis, but some men just seem to look that much better wearing one than the rest of us. Why? Because they wear it with pride - they wear it to perfection! When it comes to pulling off a suit, it's the finer details that really matter - like doing your tie properly, colour coding and designer cufflinks.

He keeps his eyebrows immaculately tidy
So, with most barber shops and grooming salons offering eyebrow trimming as a free extra with your haircut, there really shouldn't be any excuses for not keeping your brows looking tidy and respectable. You'll easily identify an impeccable groomer by the state of his eyebrows alone.

He has a hair cut twice a month
If there's one thing you'll see in an impeccably groomed man, it's that he visits his barber regularly. Men who take extreme pride in their appearance tend to get their haircut every two weeks or so. Having your hair styled regularly keeps you looking fresh and groomed.

He wears a nice watch
You're surprised by this one, right? Well, it's true, men who wear nice watches tend to be the guys who really do value their appearance and take pride in their image. Picture this: A man wearing a plush suit, with a tidy hairstyle, groomed hands, trimmed eyebrows and a nice designer watch. Can you see where this is going?