What do men really worry about the most?
There is a common perception within society than women tend to be more insecure than men, but in reality this is simply not true. Men also have a wide range of physical concerns that can have devastating consequences. A recent study found that a staggering 90% of men are unhappy with multiple parts of their body.

So, from skin problems to hair loss, we take a look through the eight most common physical concerns of European and American men. Some of these findings may seem obvious, but there are a few on this list that'll be sure to surprise you...

#8 Height
"I wish I was taller"

Ok, so most men wish they were a few inches taller, so much so that a whopping 50% of men are unhappy with their height. Let's face it, the modern woman does have a certain criteria from her man, and height is right near the top of her list. No man wants his woman to be towering above him, and most women see a tall man as a protective figure in their lives.

What can I do about this concern? Unless you put yourself through some rather expensive (and painful) surgery, there's really nothing you can do about your height. Don't be too discouraged though - just because you're short, that doesn't mean you can't be good looking, or posses the right amount of charm that'll get you interest from women from all walks of life.

#7 Rosacea
"I'm fed up of the redness on my skin"

Over 40% of men suffer from some form of rosacea, symptoms include flushing of the cheeks, redness around the nose and severe rash on the body. Rosacea is not the most manly of looks, especially in the most severe cases, so it's little wonder so many men are deeply concerned about this skin issue.

What can I do about this concern? Well, although there is no cure for rosacea, there are treatments and products that can minimise the effects of this skin condition. Natural oils and creams are available at affordable prices, plus there's the option of surgery if you're willing to go down that route.

#6 Weight Issues
"I feel so fat"

An issue often associated with women, you'll be surprised how many men worry about their weight. We all want a six pack, but unfortunately it's a whole lot easier getting out of shape than it is staying in shape.

What can I do about this concern? It's simple - eat better and exercise more.

#5 Testosterone Deficiency
"Why can't I grow a decent beard?"

So many men get insecure about their lack of testosterone levels. We do tend to associate high levels of testosterone with 'being a real man'. From growing a beard to building muscle, high levels of testosterone has its true benefits, therefore it's no surprise over 60% of men feel they are lacking in this department

What can I do about this concern? Get in the gym, work those muscles hard and take lots of supplements including biotin and creatine. 

#4 Acne
"My face is constantly ridden with spots"
With one in five men suffering from acne, this skin problem can have the most devastating effects possible. This confidence sapping skin condition can lead to permanent scarring, if it's not treated early and carefully.

What can I do about this concern? If you're not willing to go down the surgery route, then you will be able to find treatments (like the one above) that can help minimise the condition. 

#3 Erectile Dysfunction
"I wish my penis was bigger"

Yep, you guessed it - Penis size is and probably always will be one of man's most frequent concerns in life. Over 80% of men are not satisfied with the size of their penis, which in many cases leads to erectile dysfunction. 

What can I do about this concern? Again, if you're looking to avoid the expensive and potentially dangerous route of surgery, then opt for a good natural enhancer that acts as a safe alternative to Viagra. Some of the products on the market like SizePro Ultra have had excellent results in men looking to get an extra inch or two from their manhood. 

#2 Ageing Skin
"I'm looking old before my time"

It's not just women that worry about their skin, men are jumping on the bandwagon too. The majority of men start to worry about their skin when they hit their 30s, and the most common concerns are crows feet and wrinkles. 

What can I do about this concern? If you're not keen on the idea of botox, then get yourself a good eye serum and an effective anti-ageing moisturiser. It's simple, the more care you give to your skin, the better the results will be in the long run. Check out some of these anti-ageing essentials

#1 Hair Loss
"How can I stop my hair falling out?"

Over 60% of men suffer from some form of hair loss by the time they reach 40, so it's no surprise this issue comes top of the list of male concerns. For many men, their hair is the ultimate asset, and so to lose it can ruin a man's confidence and self-esteem. 

What can I do about this concern? If you can't afford a hair transplant then try natural supplements and topical solutions for your hair. Some of these types of products have shown to be hugely effective in stopping hair loss and paving the way for healthier hair growth. If you are suffering from balding, then our advice would be to tackle the problem as early as possible - the earlier you act, the more chance you will have of holding on to your hair for longer. 

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