It's an age old problem that continues to devastate the lives of men and women all over the world. Acne is one of the most confidence sapping skin conditions that can potentially have awful after-effects on the skin, if it's not treated early. Untreated acne can eventually leave the skin scarred and mutated, therefore it is crucial the right steps are taken to minimise and prevent the effects of this common skin condition. 

The most common form of acne is an outbreak of spots on the cheeks, nose and neck area. In many cases, spots can start to grow into and overlap each other, eventually leading to scarring, indents and mutation of the skin. As it stands, there isn't a cure for this soul-destroying skin condition, but there are treatments out there that can minimise the effects and prevent further outbreaks of spots. 

One of those products is the new Acne Oil by White Label, formulated with potent, yet natural ingredients that act at the root of the cause, helping prevent further outbreaks of acne whilst soothing the skin. 
This wonderful handmade oil contains the unique blend of kukui oil that has demonstrated excellent results in minimising the effects of acne. The addition of cucumber oil contains excellent healing benefits that help soothe and calm the skin, adding elasticity to the skin and cooling the blood.