best hair growth treatments for baldness

Fight hair loss on four fronts with the leading non-medical hair loss treatment range

Tackling hair loss has never been easy, but in recent years, leading hair health brand, HR23+, has made it that much more achievable by simplifying the way we treat thinning hair. 

If you're still unfamiliar with the HR23+ and its line of leading hair growth treatments, then here's an overview of the brand's treatments... 

1. The Hair Supplement
Released to market in January 2015, HR23+ Hair Supplement has gone onto become the market's leading non-medical hair growth capsule for both men and women. With continued use, this potent hair supplement can help reduce hair loss and support the function of healthy hair growth in sufferers of early stages of thinning hair. 
HR23+ hair growth treatment
85 percent of male users noticed visible improvements in their hair within three months of taking the capsules daily. Learn more about HR23+ Hair Supplement.

2. The KGF Serum
Released to market in February 2015, KGF Serum has has also gone onto become a market leading non-medical hair growth treatment. This highly potent (yet safe) topical solution contains keratinocyte growth factor (KGF) that works at the root cause of baldness. This serum is unique, and has shown to deliver excellent results.
KGF hair serum
7 out of 10 male users noticed visible improvements in their hair within three months of applying the serum just 3-4 times a week. Learn more about KGF Serum.

3. The Hair Growth Cream
Released to market in April 2022, the hair growth cream is a new product to the range. Focusing on optimal scalp care, this ointment is designed to nourish the scalp, activate weakened hair follicle activity, and reduce hair loss caused by damaged, dry skin.
HR23+ hair growth cream
This cream is ideal to use alongside the supplement and/or serum. It does not tend to treat hair loss single-handedly. Learn more about the Hair Growth Cream

4. The EGF Anti Hair Loss Shampoo 
Released to market in August 2023, this shampoo is the newest in the range. Treat hair loss on an additional front, with an anti hair loss shampoo, designed to help reduce the effects of thinning hair, and enhance the texture and density of hair strands. This shampoo works deep, at the root cause of thinning hair, adding an extra dimension to your hair care plan.

anti hair loss shampoo
This shampoo is the first to use Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) in conjunction with saw palmetto, for effective results. Learn more about EGF shampoo

For more information about HR23+ hair growth treatments, how they work, and how they can benefit your hair, head on over to the official website hairrestore23.com