Tonasi men's hair care solutions

A versatile pair of hair and beard tonics that deliver optimal performance... on so many levels.

Men's hair care brand Tonasi was formed on a solid foundation of hard work and experience, which resulted in a line of tonics that are packed with luxury, class, and cutting-edge solutions, for men. 

After taking the local barber scene by storm from the 1970s, G.C. Stasi used his vast experience to form a carefully considered men's hair and bread care brand that would set itself apart from the usual men's grooming brands that congest the market, today. 

Spotting a gab in the market for a quality, affordable hair (and beard) tonic that meets the expectations of the time-strapped, image-conscious client – Tonasi was formed. 

Unique and innovative hair and beard tonics

After years of research, Tonasi developed a hair and beard tonic that would deliver on various fronts. The tonic, which is available in two refreshing scents, brings that same invigorating in-salon experience to the comfort of your own surroundings.

The benefits of Tonasi's hair and beard tonics

Tonasi's wonderfully created tonics have a broad range of benefits for the hair and beard. These highly rated tonics help refresh the scalp, energise the strands, promote hair growth, and can relieve stress.

These tonics are excellent for boosting scalp circulation, reducing dryness and flakiness, and improving the overall condition of the hair. They're also good for hairstyling, should you wish to step away from the thick and gunky pomades that can cause unnecessary damage to the locks. 

It should also be noted that these carefully formed tonics are suitable for all hair and beard types, with added benefits of an anti-dandruff solution combined with a nourishing formula that strengthens and conditions hair follicles.

Many of our readers will be glad to know that Tonasi products are made with no synthetic ingredients and no harsh chemicals.

Tonasi Products

Here, at The Male Grooming Review, we went and tried two of Tonasi's Rejuvenating Hair & Beard Tonics; the Lime + Litsea scent, along with the Bergamot + Patchouli scent.

Tonasi hair and beard tonic
Tonasi hair and beard tonic

First up, the scent! These two tonics are scented with powerfully masculine notes, that smell refreshing and invigorating. These sharp scents cut deep, and last subtly throughout the day.

Upon application (5-6 sprays, as recommended), the tonics glide evenly into the hair, without making the locks (or beard stubble) look or feel greasy. This tonic also adds a cool texture to the hair, as well as a bit of volume and lift. 

Instead of a dry shampoo, which can be damaging to the hair, these tonics would be ideal for those days when you haven't washed your hair, in order to keep it clean looking and fresh smelling.
These tonics are also very suitable for facial hair, and make for an excellent (and more affordable) alternative to expensive colognes that contain harsh chemicals.  

If you like your scents sharp and citrusy, then the Lime + Litsea tonic will be right up your street. But, if you prefer your scents to be smooth and subtle, then the Bergamot + Patchouli tonic is likely to be the one for you. 

Either way, both tonics smell sensational, and it's highly unlikely that either will leave you disappointed. A great option would be to buy both - use one for the every day, casual living, and the other for nights out and for special occasions. 

If you're keen to try these stunning Tonasi tonics, then head on over to their official website for more information, and for ordering options. 

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