anti grey hair shampoo for men

Get gradually darker and stronger hair, with less grey...

Alpecin Grey Attack shampoo targets the root cause of greying, with its powerful and effective, patented-pending colour-technology.  

Control the colour intensity of your locks with frequent use of this winning shampoo.  Alpecin Grey Attack shampoo gives a natural-looking tint, with 5,6 DHI re-pigmentation.

This winning formula is more than suitable for all hair colours and hair types. It tends to work best for light brown to black hair. 

HR23+ hair restoration supplement

After shampooing, the active ingredient 5.6 DHI gradually reacts with atmospheric oxygen to form the colour pigment - an active process modelled on nature. This produces a controlled natural colour result in which the colour pigments remain permanently in the hair.

Application: Use daily for 2 minutes. For a more intense colour effect, leave in the shampoo for longer before rinsing.  When the desired colour result is achieved, alternate the use of Colour Control with normal shampoo to maintain the colour tone.

Special active ingredients: Caffeine activates hair roots, prolongs growth phases and prevents hereditary hair loss.  Zinc and niacin are important growth factors for healthy hair roots.  5,6-DHI gradually reacts with atmospheric oxygen to form the permanent colour pigment after shampooing and provides gradually darker men's hair. 

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