Radical scalp exfoliator to treat hair loss

Counter hair loss with a potent exfoliator 

Farmona Radical Hair Loss Scrub can help counter hair loss with its potent triple effect. This powerful scrub has shown to speed up new hair growth, as well as strengthen the hair shaft and improve the overall condition of the scalp.

This hard-working scrub is the perfect first step in a routine for weak and falling hair. It expertly removes all impurities including dead skin cells and restores the natural balance of the scalp. This product can leave the hair healthy and strong!

The main benefits of Farmona Radical Hair Loss Scrub:
  • reduces hair loss and speeds up new hair growth
  • cleans the hair and scalp thoroughly
  • removes dead skin cells
  • restores the skin’s natural balance
  • visibly strengthens hair
  • moisturises and soothes irritated skin
Key ingredients: AHA acids and papain, arginine and horsetail extract, provitamin B5. 

How to use: Apply the scrub to a dry scalp and gently massage in using circular motions, with the fingertips. Leave on for up to ten minutes, then rinse off thoroughly with warm water and wash the hair with a shampoo. Use once or twice a week.

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