3 piece shaving set review

Take your shaving experience to another level with this stunning, vintage-style, 3-price shaving set, by Muhle.

In order to execute a sharp, accurate and stylish shave, the Muhle S 81 H 220 SR Rytmo 3-Piece Shaving Set exceeds all expectations.

This vintage style shaving set not only gives you the most premium of shaving experiences, but it also looks the absolute nuts on your bathroom shelf.

This stunning set contains a classic, stainless steel shaving bowl, a pure badger shaving brush for a stronger massage effect, and a stylish double-edged safety razor for precise cutting. The safety razor's blades are easily replaced by simply unscrewing the head.

This shaving set is a truly eye catching and timeless design with a classic conical form. Made from high-grade resin, it delivers on both durability and beauty.

A real investment set, this kit supersedes the need for single-use plastic products, and is ideal for the environmentally conscious.

Take your shave to new levels, order this set today

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