Celebs who try to hide their hair loss...

We all know how this goes: Hair loss sucks, and it seems more of us are suffering from baldness than ever before. According to statistics, over 65% of men will suffer from some form of thinning hair by the age of 40. What's more, that statistic gets even more frightening, because around 80% of men will experience hair loss by the age of 50.  

It seems like there's no getting away from baldness, but fear not, because you are not alone. Even the world's richest and most glamourous celebs aren't immune to hair loss. Heck, most of our heroes are suffering from some stage of thinning hair, and there's a few that might even surprise you. 

Here are 10 male celebs who you just never would have guessed are balding... 

Ben Affleck 
Hair Loss stage: Norwood Hamilton 2-3. 
Treatment: Hair Transplant
Hollywood actor, Ben Affleck has always had a high hairline, even from a young age, but it did begin to creep back further as he entered his early 40s. 
But in recent years, his hairline looks to have been restored, slightly, and this would likely be down to a hairline filler transplant procedure. 
Enrique Iglesias 
Hair Loss stage: Norwood 3-4. 
Treatment: Hair Piece/Hair System
Many people are still shocked at the possibility of Enrique Iglesias wearing a hair piece. Well, that would appear to be the case, and here's why...
The Latin hunk has been suffering from hair loss since his early 20s, and now, in his 40s, his hair seems thicker than ever. Even the best hair transplants can't restore full thickness of the strands, so the most likely case is the Enrique is using a hair system (stick-on hair piece). 
David Beckham 
Hair Loss stage: Norwood 2-3. 
Treatment: Hair Transplant/Hair Fibres
David Beckham has always had great looking locks, but as he entered his 40s, it was quite evident he was starting to thin, especially around the frontal hairline, and on his crown.  
Much like Ben Affleck, it's likely that Becks went for a small, hairline fill transplant procedure, along with hair building fibres, to give his hair a fuller, and thicker look.  
Machine Gun Kelly 
Hair Loss stage: Norwood 2-3. 
Treatment: Hair Transplant
Rap artist, and now rock star, Machine Gun Kelly, has clearly had a hair transplant, and to his credit, he's not tried to hide it. His frontal hairline was receding aggressively in his early 20s, but he's corrected that with a hair transplant.  
He now sports a much lower hairline, and thicker hair. 
Matthew McConaughey 
Hair Loss stage: Norwood 3-4. 
Treatment: Hair System
You'll struggle to believe this, but yes, Matthew McConaughey is using a hair system, in our humble opinion. Some hair systems can be incredibly realistic, and it would appear Matthew is using one, based on his hairline and hair texture. 
Ashton Kutcher 
Hair Loss stage: Norwood 2-3. 
Treatment: Dutasteride 
Ashton Kutcher himself has admitted publicly to taking Dutasteride (a similar prescription drug to Finasteride) for his thinning locks. 
Having suffering from hair fall in his early 20s, Kutcher was prescribed the FDA approved drug, which helped stop the hair loss.  Now in his 40s, Ashton has stopped taking it, and is happy to bald gracefully. 
James Franco 
Hair Loss stage: Norwood 2-3. 
Treatment: Hair Transplant 
James Franco was showing clear signs of thinning and receding, but these days he is sporting a much stronger set of locks, and a lower hairline. 
A hair transplant procedure would have solved that issue. It appears Franco has gone for a hairline fill, mainly, with perhaps some additional filling around the crown area of the scalp. He's also had a beard transplant, too, which, to be fair, looks very good. 
Harry Styles 
Hair Loss stage: Norwood 2. 
Treatment: Finasteride 
Ex One Direction member, Harry Styles, has had a receding hairline since his younger years, but not to a severe extent. Still only in his 20s, you'd expect the recession and thinning to worsen. Therefore, we expect he's probably taking Finasteride, in order to slow down the shedding. 
Justin Bieber  
Hair Loss stage: Norwood 3. 
Treatment: Hair Transplant 
Justin is another young man who suffers from thinning hair. In recent years, Bieber's locks have become thinner, and he's been wearing hats a lot more. If he hasn't already, we'd expect Justin to have hair surgery. 
Bieber's hair loss is a typical example of male pattern baldness, which can affect men as young as 16.  

George Clooney  
Hair Loss stage: Norwood 2. 
Treatment: Hair Transplant 

Yes, we kid you not, even Mr. Perfect himself, George Clooney, has shown clear signs of slight recession at the front of his hairline. This would have been countered with a minor hairline transplant, which looks natural. 

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