1. The Refinery Mattifying Moisturiser

The Refinery Mattifying Moisturiser is the perfect solution to oily and shiny skin. This oil absorbing face cream reduces shine and helps to control the amount of facial sebum produced by the glands. Those with oily skin often experience clogged pores and blackheads, The Refinery Mattifying Moisturiser prevents the skin from experiencing such issues. The results post application are a matt, moisturised complexion.

2. Alex Carro Balancing Face Oil

Formulated to relieve the skin of instability, this Balancing Facial Oil hanresses the anti-ageing properties found in natural Vitamin E, Rice Bran Oil, Argan Oil and a carefully selected assortment of essentail oils, to soothe and restore the skin's natural vitality. Rise Bran Oil is rich in fatty acids which help to re-hydrate the skin and improve suppleness, it's often referred to as 'an anti-ageing secret'.

3. Anthony Algae Facial Cleanser

Anthony Algae Facial Cleanser is a daily face wash for men that utilises the beneficial properties of Azulene, Lavender and Rose Hip Oil. This daily-use facial cleanser is non-drying and soothes and calms the skin. Glycerin and Aloe help to hydrate the face. Algae Facial Cleanser is perfect for those who experience sensitivities and is the most gentle facial cleanser from the Anthony collection.

4. Heliocare Oral Capsules

Heliocare Oral Capsules - a health care supplement that helps the body to protect itself from free radical damage to the skin. Heliocare Oral Capsules should be taken before / during sun exposure and are suitable for anybody over 4 years old.

5. Verso Hand Serum with Retinol 8

A Super serum now for your hands. Retinol 8 is a stabilised Vitamin A complex which is 8 times more effective than standard Retinol. This serum will help reduce dark spots, wrinkles and sagging skin on the back of your hands. The UV filters will also protect your hands from further signs of ageing. Don't let your hands give your age away, this rich formula is non-greasy and easily absorbed.

6. HR23+ Scalp Therapy serum with KGF

Worry less about hair loss with HR23+ Scalp Therapy Serum. It combines Keratinocyte Growth Factor (KGF) with 42 key ingredients, including MSR, Saw Palmetto, and Biotin, in order to help stimulate hair follicles, for thicker, stronger, and healthier hair growth. This potent serum was also designed to help reduce shedding in men and women who suffer from early stages of baldness and thinning hair.

7. Baxter of California Deep Cleansing Soap Bar Charcoal Clay

A multi-faceted male grooming hero, this Activated Charcoal infused soap bar can be used on the face, body, hair and even to shave with. A blend of Bentonite Clay, Activated Charcoal and Kaolin Clay draw impurities from deep within the skin and pores while Glycerin and Hemp Grass condition the hair, skin and beard.

If you have congested skin or get acne and breakouts, this 'wonder bar' is destined to become your long-term wingman.

8. American English Smooth Repair Shampoo

Blending British and USA haircare expertise, the American English Smooth Repair Shampoo brings back a covetable sheen. Specially formulated using organic and sustainable natural ingredients, this vegan shampoo effectively draws away dirt and imperfections without the use of sulfates. Helping to maintain rich colour while smoothing down frizz and nourishing from the scalp down, it effectively cleanses every strand without stripping out much-needed moisture. A blend of mineralising seaweed, protected Camellia oil and neutralising Aloe Vera, it helps to stimulate new hair growth as well as protecting from moisture loss and restoring natural elasticity with each wash.