Get your skin, body and hair in tip-top condition throughout September to November, with our complete autumn male grooming guide.

Not many men know this, but autumn season can play absolute havoc with your skin, body and hair. The mornings become darker, the trees become barer, and you can definitely feel that chill in the air.

As autumn kicks in, now is the time to give your grooming routine a serious rethink in order to ensure that your skin, hair and body are well-prepared for the change in climate.

The autumn wind, central heating and low humidity can affect your skin complexion, stripping the cells of their natural moisture and leaving it dry, dehydrated and prone to itching. The change in climate can also alter the way your hair looks, feels and grows.

So, in order to counter these problems, here's a simple, but effective, male grooming routine that will help get you through the autumn months, looking and feeling better than ever...


Even for those of you who have naturally oily skin, your skin is still likely to suffer from dryness and dehydration during the autumn months.

In fact, the skin often attempts to overcompensate for a lack of moisture by producing excess sebum, which is a common cause of oily skin in the first place. It may not be visible, but it is highly likely that your skin will suffer.

You could be here all day choosing skincare products, but the thing you should really remember is that there are three things that every man should have in their skincare arsenal. You'll need a good exfoliator (scrub), cleanser (wash), and hydrating moisturiser.

Be sure to use a gentle facial scrub no more than three times a week. This is one of your most powerful weapons when it comes to keeping dry areas at bay. Scrubbing away those dead skin cells will help get your skin looking and feeling smoother and brighter.

Be sure to consider using cream cleansers in the colder weather, as these tend to contain more hydrating oils. If you're acne-prone, ensure that your gel cleanser is free of chemical irritants such as Sodium Laurel Sulphate (SLS), as these can damage skin, resulting in breakouts of spots.

And finally, a good moisturiser is absolutely key to keeping you skin looking its best. Apply morning and night, following your cleanse, for best results. You could even go for a day moisturiser and a night moisturiser, but it's not essential. One moisturiser for both applications should suffice.

Body Care

It's not just your facial skin that can suffer badly throughout the autumn months, because the skin on your limbs and torso can also suffer.  We wrap up warmly as the autumn chill kicks in, and that means our bodies are more prone to sweating throughout the day. Even when indoors, with central heating on, our bodies are still warm.

This excess sweating can actually cause the skin to dry, become flaky, and even cause rash outbreaks. To avoid this, get yourself a good body butter. Body butters will keep your skin hydrated, fresh, and even out your complexion. Use once a day, after your shower, be it morning or night. 

Hair Care

And then there was the hair. Many men consider their hair to be their strongest physical asset, and it's easy to see why. But, as the autumn sets in, our hair can actually suffer quite badly, so it's important that you get on top of your hair care routine when it needs you most.

It’s important to lay the foundations before going wild with the styling products, so wash the hair thoroughly with a good quality shampoo, no more than three to four times a week.

If you are prone to seasonal shedding, particularly around autumn time, which so many men are, then be gentle with washing, and try to avoid conditioners, because they tend to make hair finer, which can weaken the strands further.

To create volume, using a hair dryer is advisable, but don't be too aggressive. You'll want to avoid excess damage to your strands, where possible.

Once dried, you’re ready for your styling product of choice. Whatever styling product you use, make sure it's free from as many chemicals as possible, and not too thick in texture. A softer product will be kinder to your hair.

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