Introducing Fudge Urban, a male styling range inspired by professional expertise designed to provide everyday styling staples to keep hair looking its best.

Today, men expect more when it comes to what they put in their hair. Consistently men tell us that they find shopping the haircare fixture confusing and the choice overwhelming which is why Fudge Urban has launched a line-up of eight no-fuss styling products to suit the needs of every individual to help them self-express.

Fudge Urban’s styling products are split into three easy ranges, Hold Up, Matte Up and Rough Up to provide instant solutions for styling. Whether you want that groomed coiffe (which we know you don’t roll out of bed with) or that quick fix style after the gym. We have the salon verified products available.

Research commissioned by Fudge Urban has revealed some interesting new truths about the men’s hair:

  • 42% of men admit to suffering from bad hair days and 63% have found that their hair has impacted their confidence 
  • 75% of men admit to borrowing their partners hair products to achieve their finished looks. 
  • Once the effort has been made, there is an expectation of long-lasting results – and once it’s done, 1 in 10 men won’t let anyone touch their hair! 
  • In terms of best features, 1 in 10 men are happy to boast that their hair is in fact their best feature 
 Available from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.  Launching from June 2017.