Bad news men, evidence suggests that women have a greater sense of smell1. So whether you’re on a date, in a job interview, or enjoying ‘netflix and chill’ there are a few smells that are all too much to bear. Follow these tips to avoid bad odours, and keep your fresh and cool confidence intact.

Top 5 odour problems that men ignore and how to avoid them:  

1. Bad breath misfortune
A recent UltraDEX survey found that only 3.5 per cent of people surveyed would tell someone they had bad breath. One tip is to scrape the back of your tongue with a spoon, and if you find a large clump of white cells, let it dry and give it a whiff – if you find a lingering odour, you need to take action.

How do you avoid it? 

If you feel your mouth drying out, make sure to drink water, or eat fruit, to keep the foul-smelling bacteria at bay. Include a premium oral care range specifically designed for bad breath; such as adding the UltraDEX Low Abrasion toothpaste and Daily Oral Rinse, into your daily routine which helps ensure bad breath is eliminated for 12 hours.

2. Offensive Body Odour
As our nose filters out many background odours, it’s hard to tell if your teenage reek never really went away, and only 10 per cent surveyed said they would tell someone. We all suffer with body odour from time to time, especially the particularly sweaty of us.

How do you avoid it?  

Proper hygiene is vital, along with regularly washing your clothes. Fight the cause with roll-on antiperspirant; don’t just cover it up with deodorant sprays or overpowering body sprays. Roll-ons are more likely to last throughout the day.

3. Cheap cologne

We have all been tempted by a flashy bottle, or discounted fragrance, however using a cologne that doesn’t complement your natural smell may do more harm than good.

How do you avoid it? 

Try before you buy. Make sure to try the scent on your skin and take a short walk around the shop (or shopping centre!) to see how it reacts to your smell. Another tip is to always enlist the help of a friend, girlfriend or even your mum! A second opinion is always best.

4. Mingy mane

Bacteria on your scalp can mean that your hair has a foul smell even if you wash it regularly.

How do you avoid it? 

Make sure you are properly lathering your shampoo and not simply rinsing it straight out of your locks. For a completely odour-free crown keep your conditioner, if you use it, away from your scalp and only use it on the ends of your hair.

5. Festering feet 

The bacteria that call your feet home produce by-products and these are what cause the pong.

How do you avoid it? 

Make sure you dry your feet properly after you wash them. You should always alternate between shoes, and try to pick some that are as open or meshed as possible, and those old smelly slippers should definitely go in the bin!

We hope these top tips come in useful and help you stay fresh and confident this summer. 

Article by Becky Wright