Johnny's Chop Shop isn't just a men's barbers. It is also a cutting edge men's grooming collection and lifestyle brand, that oozes in style and innovation. Here's the pick of the bunch.

Launched in May 2016, infusing a retro/vintage style with a modern twist, Johnny's Chop Shop men's grooming products certainly do stand out from the pack. This quirky line of men's lifestyle products offers its customers excellent variety and high performance solutions for every grooming need. The Male Grooming Review has had the absolute pleasure of trying out some of these brilliant products, and here's what we think... 

Asian Wild Cat HAIR CLAY
This matt hold hair styling clay comes just the way we like it, here at The Male Grooming Review. Tough in texture and excellent upon application, this sweet smelling clay will keep your hair styled the way you want it throughout the whole day. It also washes out very easily in the shower, which is a crucial element in any hair styling product. 

Containing most of the usual ingredients, including sweet almond oil and apricot oil, this beard oil truly does pack a punch.If you're looking for a beard oil that is both soft in application and not overbearing in scent, then Johnny's Chop Shop Beard Oil is most definitely for you. This product comes beautifully packaged in an electric blue, glass dropper bottle. A nice touch!

Sharp & Easy SHAVE FOAM
How refreshing is it to discover a decent shave foam that isn't produced by Gillette? It seems many brands see it safer to develop shave oils, soaps and creams in order to stand out from the more mainstream brands, but that hasn't stopped Johnny's Chop Shop creating a rather splendid new shave foam which more than matches any other foam in texture and scent. If you're pro-foam, then get your hands on this bad boy and start enjoying your popular choice of shave with the new kid on the block. 

Matt Look De-Greaser Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoos have become one of the most popular choices of men's grooming product over the past 12 months, and it's great to see Johnny's Chop Shop jumping on the bandwagon to form a delightful solution of their own. Using a dry shampoo is a great way to save time whilst keeping your hair clean and grease-free, at the simple convenience of a spray. This excellent dry shampoo also adds a little bit of volume to the hair, which most men will likely welcome with open arms. The very sleek but masculine scent of this dry shampoo is also a great pulling point.

Want to know more about Johnny's Chop Shop products? Visit their official website or get in touch with them: @JohnnysChopShopBarbers