Get the very best out of your grooming routine this Summer with some key essential products and tips that will put you one step ahead of the rest. Prepare your face, body and hair for the hotter months of the year, look your best and know your routine.

The days are getting longer and the temperatures are warming up nicely for the most anticipated season of the year - yes, folks, summer is well and truly on its way! So many of us get so wrapped up in that summer feeling that we have this tendency to forget about the most important aspects of the season - our grooming routine. 

A good grooming routine should be an essential part of our lives throughout the whole year, but it does have a significant purpose during the hotter months for obvious reasons. Warmer temperatures can play havoc with your skin and hair, therefore a good routine with the right products should be used in order to get you looking and feeling better and healthier. 

It is common knowledge that the sun is bad for your skin, so it should really go without saying that a good SPF application should be an essential part of your summer skin care routine. So if you’re getting a lot of sun, then make sure you use a sunscreen that offers protection from both kinds of rays. 

Try to protect your skin everyday by using moisturisers regularly before and after you expose your skin to the sun. Using a daily moisturiser containing SPF30 is a good way of keeping your skin hydrated and protected throughout the day. Protecting your skin from harmful rays will also help fight the ageing process, keeping your skin younger and healthier looking. Moisturisers with built in sun factor really are becoming an everyday essential part of the summer grooming routine.

The most common complaint apart from sunburn about the summer is the dreaded insect bites. If you suffer from sugary blood and are prone to insect bites, then consider a good insect repellent to help keep the little buggers away. If you are still prone to getting bitten, then make sure you have a good insect bite soother that will help minimise the irritation and itchiness of the bites. It's not just the annoyance factor that should spur you on to get rid of the problem. The constant itching of your skin after a bite can cause serious damage to your cells, and greater irritation throughout the neighbouring areas of your skin. Keep on top of the problem early to get the very best out of your skin throughout the summer season. 

Hay fever, along with other similar allergies, are probably the most annoying part of summer for many of us, and it seems the later we tackle it the longer it lasts. Stump common summer allergies like hay fever early on in the season to prevent the long, painful months of sneezing and grogginess.
Get some allergy tablets into your daily routine. They're affordable, can be bought from your local store, and yes, they really do work. Tackle the problem early and enjoy your summer a whole lot more. 

The hot climate and sun rays can be extremely harmful to your hair. Also, excessive sweating can damage your locks, leaving them dry, lifeless and overdosed with salt. Keeping on top of your hair should be an essential part of your summer grooming routine. Dry shampoos and powders are excellent products that you can use whilst you are on the go. Also, consider applying sun factor lotion into your hair for those long, lazy days on the beach, to keep your locks hydrated and protected in the soring heat. 

Oh, and don't forget to keep feeding your hair with hair health supplements, to prevent hair loss and thinning. Biotin is a good vitamin for your hair due to its strengthening properties. It's also great for your skin and nails too.

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