Most of us, let's be honest, don't have all that much time to think about our personal style. We've got crazy work deadlines to think about, the weekly shop, possibly the kids... so in the end, your 'look' is just something that you, well, fall into. Indeed, you might have fallen into it as an 18-year old and barely switched it up since.

But if there's one thing that really makes most of us sit up (in a cold sweat) and think about our appearance and the impression it gives, it's dressing for work. Even in this circumstance, however, it's so easy to slip back into those bad habits. You know what we mean - the spotty beard that makes you look like the aforementioned teenager, or those trousers that puddle over the laces of your shoes. It's only your boss who really sees it, and you know they don't care, or even notice. Right?

Wrong, unfortunately. There's actually pretty good scientific evidence that dressing better makes you smarter. Plus, it's hard to deny that a smart outfit makes a better impression, even among those who may not consciously think they are seeing you any differently than normal. So by all means, read those male style blogs and follow all of their tips. Invest in some classic brown or black brogues, trim your beard and actually pay attention to your mirror on a morning.

Well... we could have done that. Instead, we got in touch with the deft personal stylists and image consultants at Shikkuu Guides, who weaved that magic for us through their corporate image service. This service isn't what you might think: it doesn't involve being lorded over by self-appointed 'experts' who think they know what's best for your company, without so much as visiting your website. Instead, we talked... and the outcome was a smart new look for all of our team here at The Male Grooming Review.

We got on well with the Shikkuu Guides team - they treated us as equals, and they didn't merely make us look 'smarter' and leave us there. What they did, was create a true bespoke event around us and equip us with advice on such things as dressing for our respective body shapes and selecting the fabrics and colours that most suited our brand identity. All in all, we learned a few things that even we didn't know before.

You can learn more about Shikkuu Guides' corporate image service on their website, and - of course - drop them a line. As for us, well if we've learned anything above all else, it's that you really can look appropriately smart at work while remaining as lazy as you were before. You just need to call the right people to do all of the work for you to create your work 'look'!