The Male Grooming Review conducted a poll over on Twitter asking the question: What Men's Grooming Products Do You Spend The Most Money On? The results are in... 

It turns out the majority of men spend most of their hard earned cash on products for their skin and hair, with 37% each, respectively. But, with the beard trend in full flow, we were surprised to see such a low amount of voters spending on beard care items, at only 10%. Shaving products were also an unpopular choice, raking in just 16% of the overall votes. 

Omar Abdulgani, the founder of the men's grooming online retailer, Your Next Remedy, and chief editor of The Male Grooming Review, gave us his thoughts on the results of the poll.

"I would have predicted hair care products would win this poll comfortably, based on two reasons: Firstly, because hair care products are an essential part of a solid grooming routine - we all need to wash our hair - whereas the other products are pretty much optional for most men. Also, many men worry about hair loss and spend big bucks on products and treatments for balding and thinning hair. I was a little surprised how far adrift beard care products ranked, but it seems many men that sport beards don't actually spend much on beard grooming items - it's almost become like a gimmick these days. It was nice to see shaving products finish above beard care products, because if this poll was conducted a year ago, beard products would have dwarfed their shaving counterparts."