With spring season fast approaching, The Male Grooming Review delves deep into the world of men's beauty, style and grooming, to bring you the five hottest and most sought-after trends of 2016. 

The Man Bun
Love it or hate it, the man-bun is totally in at the moment, and it's set to stay for the remainder of the year, at least. The man-bun craze started at the end of 2015, and has since grown popular with all kinds of men - even celebrities. Be warned, it does take a type of guy to pull of a man-bun, as Gareth Bale seems eluded to. 

The Beard
The beard trend has been around for quite some time now, and it continues to grow in popularity. For guys who are blessed enough to be able to grow a beard - wear it proud and loud - oh, and don't forget to shape and groom it every so often, as you don't want to be looking like a street bum. 

The Glasses
Glasses seem to go in and out of fashion, but the retro glasses look is totally in at the moment, and men seem to be opting for bigger frames than ever. Wearing glasses gives the impression one is stylish and smart, with a hint of mystery.

The Tan
Fake tanning and tinted moisturisers have never been so popular with men as they currently are, and so to get ahead of your competition on a night out, get your skin tinted and glowing so you stand out from the pack. Darker skin gives the illusion you are more toned, healthier and just over all better looking.

The Watch
With most guys depending on their phone to keep track of the time, watches have become rather surplus to requirements in recent years. Don't be fooled though, as watches are making a huge comeback, and it's set to become one of the most popular style habits of 2016. Wearing a nice watch can make a man look smart, organised and wealthy.