As current grooming trends have swayed away from the rugged beard look towards a more tidy, clean-cut image, there really hasn't been a better time to rediscover the art of shaving. As straight forward as it may sound, getting the right routine for your skin type can actually be a very painful process - literally, which is why we will be sharing some invaluable tips below with the assistance of Leonardo Skincare - a rather smart male grooming line from New Zealand. We invite you to FACE YOUR FACE…


We picked to feature Leonardo Skincare in this article for two reasons: their strong philosophy and their brilliant products.

Leonardo Skincare is inspired by the work and achievements of one the greatest scientists of all time, Leonardo da Vinci. As an anatomist he studied human faces. Following the paths of a genius, Leonardo Skincare believes that shaving is a great opportunity to look deeper into ourselves, inspect our own being and who knows - turn a mundane routine into an awakening of a modern genius.

"A truly innovative grooming brand 
that's really going places"
- Omar, Your Next Remedy

A truly exceptional shave can only take place with the assistance of the right tools. That’s where Leonardo's dapper grooming line comes second to none. The truth is, with spiritual introspection or none of it, it’s the products that contribute to a smooth shave. If you don’t want the uncomfortable aftermath of irritations, cuts or rashes, you’d better stick to a tested equation.


There are two main factors that either make or break the deal - How you prepare for shaving and what products you use. Firstly, make sure your skin is wet and warm, and your stubble is nicely softened. Jumping under a hot shower before shaving is a good idea but if you have not got the time to do so, just wash your face with plenty of warm water and get a good, sharp razor at the ready.


The great shaving routine, especially if you are a young start up shaving guru, can only be enhanced further with effective products. Our testing team recommends Leonardo Shave Cream to assist you with traditional and easy shaving. For more experienced men, looking for something new to suit their sophisticated routine, we recommend Leonardo Shave Gel that produces minimum foam but enables a more close to the skin shave and a longer lasting clean shaven look, with a very soothing feel. What really stands out is the subtle scent, with no overpowering notes that are so often the case with mass market shaving products.  

"A delightful range of products for men"
- Karl, The Male Grooming Review

This is often a stage that many men fail to get right – MOISTURISING. Before anything else, make sure you have rinsed your face with cool water thoroughly and have no residue of shaving product left on your skin. It’s absolutely crucial to pick a quality product over a high street one - Well, that’s if you want to avoid the unwanted painful burning sensation. Leonardo After Shave Balm is formulated with no irritants and its light lotion texture gives your face that first skin moisture rebalancing effect. It absorbs instantly and there’s no need to wait for the final stage application of Leonardo Face Moisturiser. The moisturiser itself was by far the most favoured product of this impressive collection, gaining excellent comments and feedback amongst our testing team. Again the distinctive, yet very delicate scent gained the most praise, collectively called an ethereal essence of a smart man. It is a grooming product to be appreciated by confident individuals, the thinkers, who find reason in everything they do, especially in choosing personal care products. Leonardo Skincare is indeed a very unique brand that base their formulas on natural botanicals, studied meticulously by the historical figure of da Vinci. The men’s grooming industry hasn’t heard of Fennel Fruit Extract, Mistletoe Leaf Extract or Raspberry Ketones... well, until now, that is…


Leonardo Skincare stands out from the pack in a very crammed modern-day men's grooming industry. Decades of mass production have toxified the nations’ lives to the point where there’s a niggling urge to take a U-turn from the way people look at beauty and grooming products. Leonardo Skincare, in our minds, is the brand that brings that wind of change that we are all waiting for – make products as close to nature as possible that deliver a safer, and more harmonious skincare experience. Healthy living is no longer an option, it is a necessity and Leonardo Skincare delivers quality solutions for your skin health. Paraben free, with purest botanical extracts from pristine regions of New Zealand, enclosed in contemporary recycled packaging and assessed by the strictest EU safety standards, Leonardo Skincare is the brand of knowledge, respect for nature and ultimately one of the best natural shaving lines we have had the absolute pleasure to review. 

"I love the philosophy and 
the effectiveness of this range"
- Andy King

If you like the look of this stunning new men's grooming line, then be sure to head over to Leonardo Skincare's official website: www.leonardo-skincare.com

Leonardo Skincare are also on the hunt for EU distributors.