With the music festival season in full flow, there is never a more important time to stay clean, fresh and hydrated. With festivals comes roughing it out, dramatic change in climate, sweat, dehydration, alcohol and mud.

In order to stay fresh and healthy during your mad weekends away from home, The Male Grooming Review brings you five affordable yet essential products that'll see you through the festival season in one piece... 

Fellas Wipes
Stay fresh on the go... 

Many of you won't really care how you're smelling during your festival adventures, but for those of you who do care, you should seriously consider taking a box of Fellas Wipes with you. For a quick freshen up, just rip open one of these zingy scented wet wipes, apply, and then you're ready to go...

Chap Fix
Keep those lips hydrated

The great outdoors can be a real nightmare for us domesticated mortals, so you should really be prepared for the least expected. Changing climates can do some serious damage to our lips, therefore you should always look to counter this with a good lip balm that'll prevent your lips peeling and cracking.

Sure For Men Deodorant
Always keep those pits fresh

It doesn't matter what anyone tells you, festival or no festival, there should not ever be an excuse for stinking under your arms. There's nothing worse than trying to enjoy one of your favourite bands with a smelly fan hogging your scent throughout the whole show. So, get yourself a good travel size deodorant like Sure For Men, and apply vigorously every day!

J. Nicholas Face Serum
Moisturise, protect and hydrate your skin

When at a festival, the last thing you'll probably worry about is your skin, but this should be the first thing to think about while you are partying hard. The constant exposure to the run (and rain), along with living it rough can do some real damage to your skin, so be sure to take a good face cream or serum that'll keep your skin hydrated, moisturised and protected throughout the whole duration of your trip.

Shampoo Spray
Keep your hair clean (without washing)

Why go through the hassle of washing your hair when you can give it a clean just by spraying it a few times? Shampoo sprays like Batiste are super convenient products that are essential for festival goers. This little gem will keep your hair clean, volumised and resistant to sun and rain.