One Direction is the biggest pop band on the planet, and one of Britain's best ever musical exports. These self-styled multi-millionaires have swept all that lies in front of them, and despite Zayn Malik's exit from the band in March, we thought we'd delve deep into their world of style and grooming.

Whether you like them or not, One Direction do tend to influence and shape the style and grooming sector of the younger generation of men. Here, we take a look through each member of the world's most famous boyband, and discover exactly how they are individually putting their own stamp on the style and grooming industry. Let us know which style you like the most in the comments section below...

Niall Horan
The Baby Face

The cheeky chappy of the group, Naill Horan's style, appeals to many young and fresh faced groomers around the globe. With his bleached blonde hair and colourful choice of outfits to go with his super squeaky clean look, this Irish lad reminds us of the skater boy era back in the 90s. 
What grooming product should Niall endorse? A silky smooth skin care product.

Liam Payne
The Dapper Gentleman

Liam Payne is probably blessed with the most mature vocal range in the group, and he has a habit of styling and dressing in quite a mature manner too. Often seen in suits, with his designer 1950s hair style, Liam Payne is an excellent role model for all young men looking to get ahead in the style and grooming world.
What grooming product should Liam endorse? An expensive cologne.

Harry Styles
The Pretty Boy

You never know what you're going to get with Harry Styles when it comes to style and grooming, as he always has a way of surprising us. I guess one thing you should expect is hair - and lots of it. The most popular member of this group seems to mix quirky with hippy in his style and grooming image.
What grooming product should Harry endorse? A men's shampoo and conditioner.

Louis Tomlinson
Rugged Groomed

Often seen as the elusive member of 1D, Louis Tomlinson has developed his style as he's matured from a teenager to a young man. From squeaky clean to ruggedly shabby, Tomlinson deserves a lot of credit for his imagination and experimenting with styles and fashion trends.
What grooming product should Louis endorse? A funky hair styling wax. 

Zayn Malik
Cool and Current

Ok, so we are fully aware that Zayn Malik isn't with 1D any more, but we that doesn't mean we don't appreciate his style - and let's be honest, he's got a lot of it. From his funky hairstyles and designer beard to his dress sense and sleeve tattoos, Malik was definitely the best styled member of 1D, and we're pretty sure he'll get the vote from most of our readers too.
What grooming product should Zayn endorse? A beard care range.