"Dude, pass me the exfoliator"
Rather than talk about the usual grooming products and routines, we thought we'd delve deeper into the world of men's beauty and inform you of a few cheeky little grooming tips that you never knew existed. So, here are our four unconventional grooming tips that'll be sure to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence...

Wear makeup... subtly!
Say goodbye to dark circles and redness

If you suffer from dark circles, skin redness or uneven skin tone, then get yourself a matte finished concealer stick and apply a subtle amount onto the desired area of your skin. This simple practice will enhance the appearance of your facial skin, even out the tone of your skin and reduce shine, which we associate with grease. We're not telling you to cake your face in this stuff, so just remember to go easy, be subtle and people will not notice a thing, unless they're pressed right up against your face, that is. 

Talc your balls... literally!
Keep your manhood dry and fresh

Ok, so if you want to make a decent impression on the lady (or man) in your life, then it's only fair you go out of your way to make life as pleasant as possible for them when they're spending time at your mid regions. After your bath or shower, apply a small amount of talcum powder onto your bits - this simple practice will keep your manhood dry and smelling fresh throughout the day and night. 

Lube your lips
Keep your lips moist and peel free

Right, let's get one thing straight - we're most definitely NOT telling you to wear lipstick. That's simply not our style here at The Male Grooming Review. With that said, lip care is a hugely important aspect of men's grooming and an area that often gets neglected. Get yourself a decent lip balm for men and apply once every morning. This simple practice will prevent peeling and enhance the appearance of your lips

Boost your hair
A little clay goes a long way...

Just about every bloke desires thicker looking hair, and there are certainly ways in which you can achieve this. Get yourself a fairly soft textured matte clay and work a very small amount evenly into your towel dried hair, after your shower. Then blow-dry your hair with a strong hair dryer. The clay will mould into your hair and enhance its appearance and texture, leaving you with fuller looking hair.