The world of business can be a very dog-eat-dog place, so as a businessman, it's crucial to get ahead of the pack in any way possible. First impressions count in the business world, and so the better you look, the better you'll feel.  Whether it's a multi-million pound deal you're trying to seal, or an interview for the ideal job you're trying to land, appearance is hugely important in business, and the grooming basics count for everything. Your appearance says a lot about you as a person and a businessman.

Here are a few grooming tips that you should integrate into your routine to help you get ahead of the competition in business... 

Keep those nails trimmed

There really isn't anything worse that a set of grubby nails. If you want to make a good impression then it should really go without saying that your nails should be trimmed and clean! You'll get judged the moment your grubby nails are seen, therefore make it your mission to keep them tidy. 

Keep it neat

The beard trend seems to be everywhere you look, so it won't work against you to wear facial hair in important meetings, interviews and presentations. But, just because beards are acceptable, that doesn't give you an excuse to neglect your beard. Keep your beard neat and trimmed, or you'll risk looking like a tramp, which isn't an ideal look for the world of business. 

Moisturise, hydrate and protect

The vast majority of men take a lot of pride in their skin care routine, which is fantastic - you'll be amazed what difference a little daily grooming can do for the tone and complexion of your skin. Having well-kept skin shows you like to look after yourself, which bodes well for you in the long run. Apply a daily moisturiser on your facial skin to keep it hydrated and evened out in complexion

Keep it simple but effective

Different industries have varying 'dress codes', therefore it's your responsibility to dress accordingly to whatever your business sector requires. Just remember to go by the basics - ie look tidy, stylish and go the extra mile to look as pucker as you can.