Every so often we like to have a bit of fun here at The Male Grooming Review, and to honour the current comic book cinematic universe craze in the world of movies, we've collated a list of style and grooming icons within the Marvel and DC universes. So, without further ado, in no particular order, here is a list of our ten most iconic style and grooming comic book superheroes (in movies)...

Iron Man
Robert Downey Jr.

It was the Iron Man franchise that resurrected the career of Robert Downey Jr, and doesn't he just know it! Always known to have that bit of style and edge, this tightly groomed icon has never looked so good since the day he took on the role of Tony Stark.
What style/grooming product would Iron Man endorse? Well, with his superb designer beard, Tony Stark would be the ultimate face of the latest set of facial hair styling clippers

Green Lantern
Ryan Reynolds

Rubbished by many after its release, the Green Lantern movie wasn't received very well by fans and critics, but the fault cannot be given to Ryan Reynolds. When it comes to style and grooming, Reynolds is one of the icons of our generation. The rebooted Green Lantern franchise will need to dig deep if they are to fully replace the original Hal Jordon.

What style/grooming product would Green Lantern endorse? Let's face it, the new Deadpool actor could pretty much endorse any style or grooming product he wants, but if we were to give him one, it would probably be a health and fitness supplement

Andrew Garfield

It's such a shame we won't be seeing Andrew Garfield swinging from building to building as Spider-Man again, but for all it's worth - he was fantastic as Marvel's most famous superhero, and he will be sorely missed. 

What style/grooming product would Spier-Man endorse? If we're basing this on Andrew Garfield alone, it would surely have to be a hair styling product.  

Captain America
Chris Evans

The ultimate man, soldier and superhero is probably Captain America himself. The squeaky groomed Chris Evans would rank highly on any list of style and grooming icons, due to his designer looks, sculpted body and clean shaved image.

What style/grooming product would Captain America endorse? Well, we kinda said it all above - Chris Evans would be an excellent ambassador for a sleek shaving brand.  

Ben Affleck

The new Batman will be hitting the big screen in 2016, and we can't bloody wait! Love him or hate him, Ben Affleck is one of the most iconic style and grooming men of his generation.

What style/grooming product would Batman endorse? With a jawline like Batman's, a pair of jaw crunchers would sell well with his face all over the brand.   

Hugh Jackman

If it's rough and rugged you like then Hugh Jackman's Wolverine will probably be more up your grooming avenue. There's something rather current about the image of this iconic superhero, and we doubt the trend is about to end any time soon.

What style/grooming product would Wolverine endorse? Wolverine would be the perfect ambassador for a top beard care brand.  

Henry Cavill

Well, Superman is the most famous and iconic superhero of them all, and Henry Cavill has done a splendid job as the man of steel so far. When it comes to style and grooming, it doesn't get any cleaner cut than Supes. 

What style/grooming product would Superman endorse? Superman would be the perfect face for a top men's skincare brand.  

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth has been terrific as Thor in recent years, and his style and grooming credentials have intensified over that period too. He's almost made long hair look cool again!

What style/grooming product would Thor endorse? Based on his hair, we're pretty sure most men's shampoo brands would be queuing up for his signature.  

Mark Ruffalo

Even before Mark Ruffalo appeared as Edward Norton's replacement in the Avengers as Hulk, he was already a style icon in the celebrity world. 

What style/grooming product would Hulk endorse? Well, when he's not running around as a big green maniac, we think Ruffalo would be an excellent ambassador for designer suits.  

Jason Mamoa
How excited must comic book movie lovers be to see Aquaman on the big screen for the very first time? The incredibly stylish Jason Mamoa will bring real flavour and depth to his new role as the king of the ocean. 

What style/grooming product would Aquaman endorse? Anything. Anything he wants. He's got the skin, the beard, the physique and the hair, so really, take your pick.