Despite the rise of the beard trend over the past couple of years, proper wet shaving is still a hugely popular part of the men's grooming industry. For every man sporting a beard, there is also a shaving guru that takes pride in his wet shaving routine. 

Here, The Male Grooming Review takes you through the essential steps to help you execute a perfect wet shave. Here's your essential wet shaving guide... 

Step 1: Sharpen up!
Make sure your blade is sharp

Before you even start your shave, make sure you have a sharp blade whether it's a double edge safety razor, a Mach/Fusion, or a cut throat that you are using. Your shave will be far from perfect without a good, sharp blade, and with less drag, you'll be less likely to cut yourself.

Step 2: Prepare the brush
Soak your shaving brush

Soaking your badger hair shaving brush in hot water will soften the brush hairs and coat them with water, in preparation for your shave. You can use a mug, a glass or a shallow bowl.

Step 3: Lather up!
Mix the shaving cream

Get yourself a mug or a bowl squirt a small amount of shaving cream in it. Alternatively you can use shaving soap or shave oil, if you prefer. Use your brush to vigorously mix the formula, until it comes to a creamy consistency, adding a few drops of hot water along the way.

Step 4: Skin preparation
Rinse your face with hot water

Your pores may have started to close by this time, so keep them open by splashing your face with plenty of hot water from the tap. Be generous. 

Step 5: Application
Apply the shaving cream

Give your shaving solution one last firm mix. If it has dried up too much, add 1-2 drops of hot water, then mix again. Swipe the brush up and down on your face until you've got ideal good coverage. Once the lather is on your face, you can tell if it is too wet or too dry, by how well the blade glides. If it’s too dry, just add a couple drops of hot water. If it’s too wet, keep mixing, or add a bit more of your shaving solution.

Step 6: The razor
It's time to start shaving

Before shaving, set the razor head perpendicular to your face, so that the head (not blade) is touching your skin. Slowly tilt the razor head downward, until you start to feel the blade touch your face. Always shave in the direction of the hair growth. Continually clean your razor with hot water. You want to keep your blade clean and your face hydrated, hence the name: “wet shaving”.

Step 7: Skin care
Rinse your face with cold water
Rinse your face and neck with cold water to close the pores. Then rinse your razor and brush thoroughly. Gently pat your face and neck with a clean, dry towel.

Step 8: Recovery
Moisturise, revitalise and hydrate

Get yourself a good aftershave cream/balm and gently apply onto the face using circular motions, to hydrate and help your skin recover.