We've seen a great deal of beards popping up since the facial hair boom back in 2013, but is this grooming trend now coming to its inevitable end? Well, that's what the industry insiders seem to be saying. 

The beard has without doubt been the most popular grooming trend over the past few years, with facial hair styles shaping up the image of the industry. Beard growing has become so popular that facial hair care products have dwarfed shaving products by an incredible 3-1. The beard trend has also seen the dramatic rise in beard care brands, all aiming to cash in during this lucrative period, with beard oils, creams, shampoos and styling gels leading the way.

So, now that this trend has reached it peak, are we about to see a major decline in beards? The answer is yes, according to sources from the popular male grooming eRetailer, Your Next Remedy
"We saw an incredible rise in beard product sales at the end of 2013, which resulted in the dramatic decline in shaving product sales during the same period. Beard creams, oils and shampoos were outselling shaving products by more than three to one, which was pretty insane when you consider how popular our shaving products were. We also discovered a ridiculous amount of new beard brands popping up left, right and centre selling a bunch of beard oils and shampoos, trying to cash in on the trend while it was hot. Even the iconic Movember season was dwarfed by new bearded charity events such as Decembeard and No Shave November. But since early 2015, we've definitely seen a steady decline in beard care product sales, with shaving products on the up. Like all trends, everything comes to an end, and the beard is no exception." 

What started out as a unique look has now turned into a mass fashion trend, which even the most seasoned beard wearers are getting fed up of seeing. When it comes to style and fashion, there is one key factor that dictates how long a trend can last - When a trend gets too popular it loses its uniqueness, therefore expect to see the steady decline of the beard in the coming months.

It certainly was fun while it lasted!