HR23+ clinical trials hair loss treatment

New clinical trials on HR23+ hair supplement

Top hair restoration brand, HR23+, are set to have clinical trials on their flagship hair supplement, in order to prove its effectiveness as a viable treatment for hair loss. 

HR23+ Hair Restoration Supplement already widely regarded by users and critics as the most effective non-medical hair growth supplement on the market, with 9 of 10 male and female users reporting significant improvements in their hair within a 3-12 week period.

Having established itself as a market leader, the brand is now confident of proving its effectiveness with clinical trials, research, and examination.
HR23+ hair restoration supplement
A company spokesman said: "The trials on HR23+ Hair Restoration Supplement are set to examine the biochemical alterations linked to the health of hair and scalp. With a starting point of 200 participants, with 100 participants in a treatment group taking HR23+ supplement, and 100 participants in a placebo group.

This research aims to evaluate rigorously HR23+ supplement as an effective treatment for hair loss. If, as expected, HR23+ is proven to be an effective non-medical hair loss treatment, then this will be credited as the safe and natural solution for hair loss, proven on International Hair Loss communities."

These clinical trials are a hugely promising and very exciting step for the hair loss treatment sector, as HR23+ aims to be the first clinically trialled non-medical treatment for hair loss. 

We'll keep you posted as and when the developments occur. 

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