new hair loss treatment for men 2023

A newly developed, non-medical hair loss treatment for men (and women)

The leading non-medical hair loss treatment, HR23+®, has undergone further development in order to keep it one step ahead of its competitors. The potent and highly effective multi-macro extract supplement has undergone its third tweaking process since its official release to market in 2015. 

The newly tweaked formula is set to improve the overall effectiveness of the supplement, which already has a user satisfaction rate of around 9 out of 10 people. The newly developed formula is designed for hair loss prevention, hair growth promotion, and for the overall support optimal hair health.

A statement from the company: "Even though HR23+® continues to be the most popular and effective hair supplement on the market, we are constantly looking for ways to keep improving it, and keeping it at the very top. We believe that, with this latest tweak to the formula, the effectiveness of HR23+® will be improved further, and that this supplement will remain the best non-medical hair loss treatment available on the market." 

What is the latest change to the HR23+® formula?

This latest tweak consists of three main changes. The main tweak in this formula is that horsetail extract has been added to the blend. Horsetail is a plant-based extract that strengthens and improves the elasticity of the hair fiber, helps regulate the hair growth cycle, and reduces inflammation and improves cell turnover to create an optimal environment on the scalp for healthy hair growth. It is widely considered to be an excellent hair beneficiary. 

The long-standing Vitamin A and Vitamin C have both been dropped completely from the formula, and the dosage of choline has been decreased from 250mg per serving to 100 mg per serving. This paves the way for the addition of horsetail extract, and the increase of the DHT blocker, saw palmetto, from its daily dosage of 250mg up to 300mg. 

How effective is the newly developed HR23+® formula?

This newly tweaked HR23+® supplement is expected to be more effective than it has ever been, previously. Current users of the treatment should not expect any major changes in this new formula, however, improvements in the hair are likely. 

The new formula will in no way compromise on the effectiveness of this long-standing supplement's history. HR23+® is expected to remain the leading, and most effective, non-medication hair loss treatment on the market. 

The newly tweaked HR23+® formula is available to purchase from July 2023. 

HR23+ hair growth formula