best hair loss information websites

Where to get the best advice for hair loss?

Hair loss is a broad topic, with so many different facets to it.  This is why it is so important to have reliable sources that give regular and accurate information on the topic. 

It can be difficult, sometimes, to find a depth of information on hair loss, which is why we've come up with a list of the very best hair loss information websites that covers all aspects of baldness and thinning hair. 

So, in no particular order, here are the best hair loss information sites... 

The Belgravia Centre

The UK's leading hair loss clinic has a website that is a great information source for both men and women. There is a wide array of useful information on balding, including full diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

The Belgravia Centre is also a real clinic, so if you want to go a step further and speak to a professional about your concerns, all you need to do is book an appointment.

Belgravia Centre Hair loss


HairLossFight is the leader of hair loss forums. This website contains forums on so many different topics that are hair loss related. You can read about real people's experiences, and share your own with other, like-minded hair loss sufferers, rather than constant advice from the 'experts' who are usually trying to sell you something.

Hair Loss Fight

The Hair Loss Review Centre 

Hair Loss Review Centre (HLRC) is an excellent information hub for men and women seeking advice on the topic of hair loss. This website's topics are broader, covering all aspects of hair loss in men and women. 

With detailed product/treatment reviews and ratings, this website gives the readers a clear understanding of hair loss and what types of solutions there are on the market. It has hundreds of articles, and there's nothing you won't find out about hair loss on the Hair Loss Review Centre.

Hair loss review centre

Hair Compare

What better way to help someone pick the ideal treatment than to compare the best products to each other. If you're looking for clean comparisons between two different treatments, then Hair Compare is the place to visit.

Based on each individual, Hair Compare aims to find the most suitable hair loss treatment through trial and comparison. As good as the concept for this website is, it hasn't been updated in a little while which is its downfall. 

hair compare


Interact with other hair loss sufferers and browse through some recommended treatments on the HairLossTalk website. HairLossTalk gives you the opportunity to swap stories and experiences with other sufferers, as well as discover some really good treatments.

hair loss talk

Hair Restoration Centre

Hair Restoration Centre is an information hub on treatments for hair loss in men and women. This website only focuses on treatment options that are either medically approved, or have some traction and popularity within the hair loss sector. 

If you're looking for ways to treat hair loss, then Hair Restoration Centre will provide you with all the effective options for you to consider. This is a gem of a site, and one that can definitely help you on your hair loss journey.  

hair restoration centre website

Hair Loss Advice

For women with specific hair loss problems, Hair Loss Advice is an excellent information hub with plenty of tips and advice. This website contains articles about different types of female hair loss, covering the causes, symptoms, and treatment options. 

Female Hair Loss Advice website

HR23 News & Updates

HR23 News & Updates is the official blog of the leading hair restoration brand, HR23+. This website keeps you updated with all the latest news, reviews and testimonials on the popular brand, along with general tips and advice about hair loss in men and women. 

HR23 hair loss news and updates

Hair Vitamins Review

Hair Vitamins Review is a more specific hair loss website, with its only focus on hair growth supplements. This interesting website simply features and reviews the leading hair growth supplements on the market.  So, if you are set on tackling hair loss with a supplement, then this website will give you a clear idea of what supplements work, and which ones don't. 

Hair Vitamins Review website

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