The Artifact Commemorative 10th Anniversary Safety Razor review

Discover a unique, stunning safety razor that oozes class and sophistication, with a vintage style.

Celebrating ten years of business, Phoenix Shaving have released a beautifully crafted safety razor that takes vintage shaving to a completely new level of class and sophistication.

Composed of a butterscotch Bakelite handle, 24 karat plated gold brass top cap, and a unique tortoise shell Bakelite bottom cap, this stunning safety razor has a concept and style like no other on the market, today.

The dark brown handle gives this razor a unique and vintage look, capped off with shiny gold. The Artifact includes around four months worth of blades and a handsome, rugged travel and storage case, coupled with an essential buffing cloth.

This beautifully designed shaving tool cuts like a dream, gliding across the skin, with precision and ease. If you are a bit of a vintage shaving buff, then get your hands on this brilliant razor - a fine addition to any shaving collection. 

Artifact Razor Specs:
Materials: Bakelite, Brass, 24k Gold
1 Travel & Storage Vegan Leather Case
1 Microfiber Buffing Cloth
3 5-Packs Strangelet DE Blades
Complete Razor Length: 95 mm (3.75″)
Weight: 31 grams