pure shave ultimate starter set

Experience the ultimate shaving experience with Pure Shave

Check out this new shaving set, which is the ultimate introduction to the top shaving brand, Pure Shave. It contains a beautifully hand crafted, waxed leather wash-bag, a 150ml refillable shaving cream bottle, one 100ml refillable moisturiser bottle, and a luxurious 100% organic cotton shaving towel.

This stunning range of shaving essentials consist of only natural ingredients and materials, so you don't have to worry about unnecessary razor burn or razor rash.  The shaving cream and moisturiser helps the skin feel amazingly soft, supple and hydrated, and the towel is soft enough to help avoid skin irritation when drying. 

So, let's take a look at what you get in this masterful start set...

Leather Wash Bag

Handcrafted from beautiful waxed saddle leather, sometimes known as Crazy Horse Leather, this wash-bag is a must for any discerning traveller.

With a luxurious texture, the application of wax over leather creates a rustic look that ages beautifully, picking up scratches and scuffs over time that add character and a vintage feel.

The washbag features two compartments, both of which are lined with waterproof material. The large main compartment has space to contain anything you might need for business or pleasure, and the handy lower compartment is ideal for storing razors, scissors or other sharp items.

Shaving Cream 150ml 

Specifically developed to virtually eliminate razor burn and razor rash, Pure Shave Shaving Cream uses quality, natural ingredients to provide the nourishing, irritation-free shave.

Using the moisturising properties of Coconut and Sweet Almond oil, the razor glides smoothly over skin to provide a close, frictionless shave. Skin is left hydrated, soothed and ready for whatever the day throws at it.

Moisturiser 100ml

For dry or dehydrated skin, Pure Shave Moisturiser is the ideal addition to your skincare regime. While this Shaving Cream is hydrating enough for most skin types, if you don’t shave daily or have a particularly dry complexion, you’ll love the moisture boost of this light, non-greasy formula.

Keeping your skin feeling supple and hydrated throughout the day, we combine natural extracts with the latest technology to create a light, easily absorbed moisturiser for all skin types.

Shaving Towel 

Designed with a thicker weave to trap the heat for longer, the Pure Shave Shaving Towel encourages follicles to open and hair to soften, allowing you to shave closer to the skin with an even smoother finish.

Measuring 70 x 33 cm, this is no standard face cloth, it’s the same premium quality you’d enjoy from the finest traditional barber. And, made from 100% organic cotton, it’s kind to the environment too.

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