Best Beard Cream for men

Take your beard to another level with the best, and most effective, all-round beard cream, designed and formulated to give optimal results. 

Brought to market by Your Next Remedy, J. Nicholas Beard Cream is a high quality grooming essential that works from the root of your beard, be it long or short in length. This vintage style beard cream helps soften and condition the facial hair whilst taming those rather annoying unruly hairs.

If your facial fuzz tends to get out of hand, then be sure to calm its wildness with this luxury beard cream that contains a broad range of hard working, organic antioxidants that condition the hairs, add volume to the beard, and help revitalise the skin. 

Heck, even if your beard doesn't get out of hand, this rather dapper looking product would make a fine addition to any bathroom shelf. It looks blimmin' awesome!  

This classic beard cream has a natural, woody, musky scent, but not too overpowering, with a gentle, and slightly sweet hint of citrussy lime, but still ever so masculine. 

Beard Cream vs Beard Oil

Beard creams are generally better at moisturising beard hair than beard oils. Beard oils are made up of carrier oils and essential oils, which work to hydrate and nourish the beard and the skin beneath it.

Many people choose beard creams because they tend to absorb faster and more efficiently into the hair and skin, and they are also less greasy looking. Beard creams are also easier to wash out than beard oils.