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Here's why your beard is shedding more than ever...

Yes, beard shedding is actually a thing, and it does indeed occur in the vast majority of men who have facial fuzz.  Losing facial hair can actually be quite concerning for many men who take immense pride in their beards, but fear not, it's not as bad as it sounds...

Beard shedding is the natural part of growing a beard. It's perfectly normal to shed around 25-50 hairs a day. The average man has about 30k facial hairs, so losing a few here and there really isn't that big of a deal.

Touching your beard, excessive brushing, shampooing, and blow drying can increase the amount of hair loss, but in most cases, beard shedding is a temporary phase which occurs during a certain time of the year. 

What Are The Causes of Beard Shedding? 

Hair shedding, be in on the face or any other part of the body, is due to the entering of the shedding cycle. We have growth cycles and shedding cycles, which is very much connected to seasonal hair loss.

Once our hairs go into the shedding phase, which is temporary, the hairs fall out, and make way for a new batch that come in at the next growth cycle. 

Another reason for beard shedding could be down to hormones. Beard growth is fuelled by male hormones and testosterone, and lower levels may cause beard loss. Getting too little vitamins and minerals in the diet can cause some beard shedding. 

Facial hair, as well as scalp hair, can be lost due to chronic stress. Stress can play a key factor in excessive hair shedding, as is a very common type of hair loss in both men and women. 

How Long Does Beard Shedding Last For?

The shedding period's timescale really depends on what is causing the hair to fall out. If it's stress-related, then the shedding will likely last for the whole duration of the time that the person is stressed for, but if the shedding is down to seasonal hair loss, then it usually lasts for anything between 1-3 months.  

The follicle will remain active for about 3 months and there will a brand new shiny hair coming right behind it! The process then repeats itself every year. The most common time of year for hair shedding is autumn season, from early September onwards.  

How To Prevent Beard Shedding 

Hairs can fall out during brushing, washing, styling, or from doing exercise. To minimise shedding, include an effective conditioner such as beard oil or beard dry oil (beard balm) into your routine and make sure that you are grooming your beard with a high quality comb or brush.

Be gentle with your brushing, and try to avoid brushing wet hair. Be extra careful during the autumn months, as this is usually the peak shedding season. Also, take a good multivitamin hair supplement like HR23+, as these types of nutrients, minerals and vitamins can only benefit your hairs, aiding in hair loss prevention and supporting healthy hair growth. 

If you are trying to prevent hair loss on the scalp, then the same rules apply. 

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