Baldness is the biggest issue for men. Well over half of us will suffer from thinning hair by the age of 40, and without a cure, baldness can be a very tricky problem to tackle, head on.

In this article, we'll be going through some of the very best hair loss treatments for men (and women), to help give you a fighting chance of beating hair loss, or to minimise the problem, at the very least.

So, here are the best products on the market for minimising hair loss...

A - Derma Roller

The derma roller can be an effective way to promote hair growth, and with its success rate, it is easy to see why so many hair loss sufferers are now using about this device. The derma roller is commonly used for anti-ageing on the facial skin, but users have discovered it can also work to combat hair loss. This device is particularly good for treating the crown area, as well as the receding temples. Just roll the pins along the desired area of your scalp once or twice a week for about 1-2 minutes.

B - Fagron Neogen NeoWash

This potent shampoo contains rosemary essential oil which strengthens the hair, limits the fall and paves the way for healthier, shinier growth. The addition of juniper essential oil provides a tonic that activates the shoot, thus leading to healthier strands. Tea tree essential oil helps revitalise and strengthen the hair strands, and lavender essential oil works hard to slow down excess shedding. It is regarded as one of the best anti-shedding shampoos on the market.

C - Collagenius Hair Growth 180 Laser Helmet

The Collagenius Hair Growth 180 Laser Helmet is a clinically proven laser technology to treat hair loss and thinning. 180 lasers diodes - more than twice the nearest competitor to provide the best results. This device penetrates deep into the scalp to stimulate hair growth at the root of your follicles, providing you with a natural and safe solution with zero side effects

D - Supplement - HR23+

There are many multi-vitamin supplements on the market, but none are as good as HR23+. This potent, yet safe, formula is made from 23 key ingredients that combine together to work at the root of the cause. Expect to see less hair fall, and added thickness and texture to the hair from using HR23+. This supplement is rated as the best of its kind on the market, with an 88% male user satisfaction rating, and a 91% female user satisfaction rating, respectively.

E - Biolopic Regrowth Serum

Combat receding hairline, widows peak and bald spots with our acclaimed regrowth serum for men. This serum is formulated to help tackle more difficult areas of hair loss and is an excellent compliment to our Follicle Plus 27™ spray formula. Hair regrowth nutrients including: caffeine, anagain, liposomes, anti-DHT and hair vitamins. Use the precise pump applicator to directly apply serum onto fingers and apply to problematic areas on along hairline and/or scalp.

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