Combat baldness and thinning hair with a potent double defence system, designed to stop hair loss and support healthy hair growth

HR23+ Hair Health Capsules is Europe's #1 multi-vitamin hair growth supplement, designed to tackle hair loss at the root cause. This fast-working supplement contains 23 key ingredients that work to stump the formation of DHT (the cause of hair loss), and help maintain the healthy function of hair cells.

Complimenting the supplement is HR23+ Scalp Therapy Treatment Serum - another potent, yet safe, topical treatment serum that contains 42 key hair beneficiary ingredients, including KGF, MSR, Biotin, and Saw Palmetto. This serum is widely regarded by industry experts as the most potent topical hair loss treatment on the market, and an excellent alternative to Minoxidil.

9 out of 10 users noticed significant improvement in their hair

HR23+ supplement is rated by industry experts the best of its kind on the market, with an impressive 91% female user satisfaction rating, and 88% for men, respectively.  HR23+ serum is Europe's only topical hair loss treatment that uses the combination of KGF, MSR, Saw Palmetto, and Biotin.

HR23+ is Europe's #1 hair supplement 

Both the supplement and the serum have high user ratings, but because one is consumed orally, and the other is applied topically, it is hard to compare the two. However, they can work well when used in conjunction with each other.

Tackle baldness on one or on both fronts

You do not have to use both products. Most people use one or the other, but it is also common for some people to use both. It really depends on what works best for the individual. The supplement is the more popular product of the two by a ratio of around 7:3, but it was originally created as an alternative for people who don't like taking pills orally.

See results in just weeks

Results vary from person to person, but most users usually see a significant improvement in their hair within 1-3 months of usage.

Purchase HR23+ today, for better hair tomorrow... 

You can purchase HR23+ products from a number of offline hair loss clinics in the United Kingdom. HR23+ is also available to purchase in selected Middle Eastern territories, as well as across selected European countries. HR23+ is shipped to over 80 countries worldwide.

HR23+ hair loss treatment pack for men