ION-Sei is a remarkable Electric Toothbrush ION-Sei by Sanyei (Japan) with unique IONIC Technology, which helps to suppress the bacteria that cause plaque and cavities.

It is the only electric toothbrush available with this technology and its new to the UK. It was showcased at recent IFA Berlin.

How does it work? By generating ions (negatively charged electrons) using a UV light and Titanium bar. The design is German and technology is Japanese (and patented globally).
See more on ION-Sei website:

ION-Sei is now available at John Bell and Croyden Pharmacy in London . Followed by Harrods for the Christmas period. Selfridges we are hopeful will also stock in time for the Christmas period. ION-Sei is currently also available from Amazon.

ION-Sei was a finalist for the Pure Beauty Global 2019. It is also entered for Pure Beauty London 2019 and GQ awards. ION-Sei won 2 silver awards in the European Product Design Awards 2019.