VONBROS Men's Grooming was established in 2016 by three brothers, Scott, Mark, and Steve Von Riesen.

Based in Morden in Southern Manitoba, Canada, they set out to handcraft their own grooming products with a passion for creativity and healthy ingredients as an alternative to mainstream brands. 

Frustrated with the limited availability, affordability, and creativity of all-natural men's products, the three brothers decided to take a stand and change the landscaping of natural manscaping!

The Vonbros grooming range is all-natural, handcrafted and cruelty-free and features quirky and unique body care, beard care and skincare.

The products...

Beard, Body and Hair Wash - 250ml - £14.50

The ultimate multi-tasker with an all-natural lather, free of the harsh chemicals and skin-irritants of non-natural formulas. Scented without the use of synthetic fragrance, for a truly natural and masculine cleanse.
Available in five fragrances...
Madras: an aromatic infusion of freshly squeezed grapefruit and cracked black pepper, with subtle bass notes of musk, cedar, and patchouli.

Rio De Janeiro: a front-forward dose of the rare and intoxicating Brazilian tonka bean oil - rich in vanilla, spice, and almond-like aromas. Blended with sweet mango and subtle earth tones.
Melbourne: made up of the hauntingly sweet and earthy aroma of Australian sandalwood at the base. Complemented with cedar, amber, and a pleasant hint of passion fruit.
Kona: the perfect blend of the aromas that embody the peaceful, beautiful Hawaiian city of Kona - coconut, macadamia nut, and coffee. This is complemented with an undertone of the luxurious Hawaiian sandalwood for a great lingering finish.
Brothers Blend: the holy trinity of citrus, woods, and spice.

Body Spray/Aromatherapy Spritzer - £16.95

Application: spray onto body, clothes, face, and into the room!
The Canadian Shield - balsam fir, cedarwood, cypress for a refreshing dose of the Canadian forest - aromatherapy benefits include respiratory and topical healing, anti-inflammatory, protection from colds and infection, muscle relaxant.
Great Barrier Reef - sandalwood, bergamot, ylang ylang - a great post-sun or exercise cool-down - aromatherapy benefits include calming, peace, anti-anxiety, stress and tension relief.
New York City Hustle - frankincense, labdanum, bergamot - a stimulating aroma that inspires - while smelling and feeling great - aromatherapy benefits include mental focus and clarity, coping with stress, general health benefits, topical skin anti-ageing. 

Beard Brush - £14.95 - made with natural wood, natural ethical boar bristle, and custom finished, flame-torched and iron-branded by hand.
The boar bristles are perfectly suited for human skin, as they scrub the skin, exfoliate without irritation, and distribute natural oils throughout your beard and skin.
Beard Oil Growth Elixir - £15.95 - an all-natural oil-based formula designed to enhance hair follicle growth. This elixir has the best oils the natural world has to offer for stimulating hair growth including cedar, tea tree, citrus and eucalyptus.
Zurich Beard Styling & Conditioning Balm - £15.95 - smooth and all-natural formula goes on nicely once melted in your hands, and has a good hold that doesn’t sit heavy or feel greasy and fragranced with a mild blend of cedar, mint, and citrus.
Beard Comb - £9.95 - iron-branded by hand, these natural peach wood combs are the perfect finish to your beard care regimen!
Pre Shave Oil - £12.95 - peppermint, basil, and blood orange together in a thick oil blend that preps the skin with a soothing, yet antibacterial effect. This shave oil reduces agitation and razor burn unlike any other cream or gel.

Aftershave Tonic - £12.50

An all-natural, alcohol-free product that quickly disinfects while not drying out your skin.
Available in...
Melbourne - sandalwood, fresh forest and a hint of passion fruit.
Madrid - fresh orange, grapefruit with earthy floral and spice notes.
Beirut - balsam, cypress, cedar and sage.

Beard Oil Tincture - £12.50

The ultimate beard oil remedy for dry hair and skin. All-naturally extracted from plants, this product targets damaged hair and dry and flaky skin with an anti-itch formula, providing the softest beard possible. 30ml ultra-convenient pump bottle.

Available in Melbourne, Kona, Glasgow, Madras, Marrakech, Brothers Blend and Dead Horse Creek fragrances.

Solid Cologne - £15.00

Perfect for travelling! Enjoy these complex scent blends that are free of synthetic chemicals, made from essential oils and all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients. This cologne comes in a balm that you rub into your skin (use pulse points for best results) for a lasting, natural scent experience that doesn’t take over the whole room.

Scent options...
Rio De Janeiro - a exotic blend containing Brazilian oils that boast of sweet almond and warm spicy earth notes, along with a hint of mango.
Salzburg - a real smooth and balanced blend of frankincense and bergamot with fresh earthiness and a faint top note of peach - an homage to the Austrian schnapps!
Dead Horse Creek - The Dead Horse Creek runs through the small city of Morden, in Manitoba, Canada. This is where VONBROS originates, and as an homage to their hometown, a new scent was born - one that has well-balanced notes of leather, sawdust, and hints of a spruce forest.

Charcoal Deodorant Paste - 40ml - £9.75

An all-natural formula, free of aluminum and other toxins that can get into your bloodstream and are highly prevalent in most conventional deodorants. This formula uses the natural and powerful deodorisation of activated charcoal and zinc, and the sweat-absorbing kaolin and French clay - a perfect combination! Available in Beirut, Madrid, Sisters Blend.

Tattoo Balm - 40ml - £9.95

All-natural vegan essential, soothing aftercare for fresh tattoos as well as preserving and rejuvenating existing ones. Natural moisturising formulation with a light scent of frankincense and myrrh to heal and peppermint to soothe.


Nether Region Rescue - £12.00

"Have you ever thought to wonder, is there a cure for that itch down under?
Well without further ado, we introduce our Nether Region Rescue!"  This body powder uses all natural ingredients to keep itching, chafing, fungus, odour and other discomforts at bay. It's also safe for armpits as a natural deodorant powder to keep pits cool, dry and odour free.

To apply: shake the bottle to get the powder onto your hands and then run onto the skin.
Zurich scent: peppermint and rosemary (cooling and antibacterial), cedarwood (anti-fungal, skin repair) and citrus (antibacterial).

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