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Love a winter hat? Well, the black bobble beanie is the thing to wear this winter, and here's why...

Wearing a beanie can threaten your grooming reputation and, thus, your entire style. But there's a heck of a lot more pros to wearing a beanie than you might think. If you want to sport a beanie hat this winter, and look as cool as possible doing it, then here's our tip on what hat to choose and how to wear it...

Most men actually wear their beanie for the purpose of hiding their hair - they're either having a bad hair day, can't be bothered to wash/style their hair before leaving the house, or they might be embarrassed by a bit of thinning.

The thing is, hats are quite trendy, and they can be powerful enough to set the whole tone for the outfit and style that you are going for. Beanie hats in particular are great items of headgear that actually suit most men, and they can go with an array of different styles. 

What type of beanie do you go for? If you're keen on sporting the right hat this winter, then let us suggest the fully knitted, black beanie, with a bobble.  That's right, make sure you get that bobble - it adds a touch of coolness by merely being there!

We've been through countless seasons of colourful hat wearing, and we've also passed through trends of darker coloured hats, but we'd suggest keeping it as simple as possible this season - after all, simple is better.

So, how does one wear the beanie hat for ultimate coolness? Well, just chuck it on and let nature work its course. You don't want to look like you've taken a great deal of time and care placing your beanie on your head, so just fling it on, high on the hairline, with a slight tilt, and you're ready to go. You'll look the absolute nuts!

Where to get the ideal beanie?  For a cool range of high quality and competitively priced beanie hats, including the black bobble beanie, we'd recommend a visit to Hat That.

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