Get the best out of your grooming routine during the autumn months, with our five-product recommendation list. 

Many men underestimate the importance of a good grooming routine during the period leading up to the festive season.  The weather changes, and this naturally affects our skin and hair.

So, to avoid suffering over the fall, we've hand-picked five essential male grooming products that will get you through the autumn season, helping you look and feel your very best in time for the festive fun.

1. Face Wash

A good face wash should be the foundation of your skincare routine. Before you apply a moisturiser or balm, you need to wash your face, because it is important to clear those pores. Remember, you are still likely to sweat just as much as you do in the summer time, because we wear more clothes even though the weather is still relatively warm. So, be sure to use your face wash daily.

2. Anti-Oiling Moisturiser 

As the weather cools, you'll need to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised.  This is essential because as we enter the time of year when we switch on the central heating, we are just as likely to sweat indoors as we would outside. Sweat can actually lead to dry skin, so a good moisturiser should be a key addition to your beauty routine.

3. Post-Shave Balm

Even with the beard craze, most men still shave, so a good post-shave balm should be the first item in your shopping basket. If you do not apply balm after your wet shave, then your skin can become irritated, which is not good, especially as the climate gets colder.  Oh, and even if you have a beard, applying some post-shave balm will also keep your facial hair hydrated, moisturised and condition.

4. Protein Shampoo

Shampooing is obviously an important part of any grooming routine, but have you ever considered using protein shampoo?  Our hair can be very vulnerable during a change in season, and some men experience severe shedding during a particular period of the year.  Shedding most often occurs in the summer, but many men still experience weak strands in the cooler months, so injecting a little protein into your hair can only benefit it.

5. Hair Vitamins

Don't forget to take your vitamins - especially if you tend to shed more in the autumn season. Multi-vitamin hair growth supplements like HR23+ can help prevent the effects of hair loss and promote healthier, thicker hair growth.

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